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One afternoon when I remained in 4th grade, the ladies were blended away to enjoy a video about durations, pads, and tampons. That’s about where my public education on menstruation started and ended– a secret conversation that young boys could not be privy to. It was, from that minute forward, instilled in us that it is in some way humiliating to get your duration.

It isn’t, obviously, and a few of us at WIRED talked at length about our duration streams and practices. Long prior to pads and tampons were offered, individuals merely bled into their clothing or utilized homemade flannel fabrics if circulations were especially heavy. Females frequently packed rags that were then cleaned and recycled later on (for this reason the expression “being on the rag”).

Now there’s duration underclothing, menstrual cups, multiple-use pads, applicator-less tampons for less waste, and even membership services to get items provided to your door each month. We evaluated a lot of brand-new items to discover the very best budget plan- and environment-friendly alternative techniques, in addition to ones that simply made that time of the month more comfy. These are our favorites.

Updated January 2022: We’ve included more duration underclothing and menstrual cups we like. We’ve likewise included more details and upgraded rates throughout.

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Senior associate editor Adrienne So and customer Louryn Strampe likewise evaluated and added to this guide.

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Table of Contents

  • Period Underwear
  • Menstrual Cups
  • Reusable Pads
  • Subscription Services
  • Menstrual Pain Relief
  • Smart Birth Control Case
  • What to Avoid

Period Underwear (and Workout Bottoms)

It can be frightening to ditch the menstrual items you’re utilized to, however duration underclothing is a fantastic location to begin if you wish to change up your regimen– I’ve basically quit tampons totally and have not had a leakage. It soaks up blood without feeling moist, and it should not move it to your clothing if you’re using the best absorption level. You can likewise use them for minor incontinence, routine discharge, postpartum bleeding, or to soak up sweat. There are even leakproof thongs and charming, lacy choices.

Most duration underclothing isn’t low-cost, however you can conserve cash in the long run by not needing to stockpile on numerous tampons or pads. Begin with a set to see what designs you like; ultimately, you can get enough to last your entire cycle. Duration underclothing is ranked for absorbency levels. Some brand names specify these by teaspoons of liquid or compare it to the variety of tampons they change; we’ve noted them here.

Our Favorite Pair

Of all the duration underclothing in my cabinet drawer, I reach for Knix ($23-$38). The nylon sets are so silky smooth and cool, like you’re using expensive skivvies, and they do not dig in anywhere. If you choose cotton, the brand name has those too. Even the super-absorbency sets do not feel thick– they do not even seem like a pad. I use the Dream Shorts ($38) to bed frequently, even when I’m not on my duration.

The brand name has 4 absorbency levels: Light (1 teaspoon), Medium (3 teaspoons), High (4-6 teaspoons depending upon design), and Super (8 teaspoons). There’s likewise a postpartum collection and teenager duration sets.

The Best Budget Pairs

All of the Period Company’s basic underclothing expenses simply $12(the fighters are $22 and the Sleeper Shorts are $24). For that cost, you can equip your whole week without investing almost as much as for some other brand names on this list.

I attempted the Heavy absorbency variations that hold 9 tampons worth of liquid, which are the thickest of any sets I attempted. They do not feel odd, however if you use them under tight clothing it’ll most likely be uneasy (and look a little amusing). I enjoy them for sleeping throughout my heavy days. There’s a Sporty line that have the exact same absorbency however are made of stretchier, moisture-wicking material to account for sweat. There’s likewise Light variations made from one less layer of absorbency, and which are for that reason thinner all around, and Juniors.

More Brands We Like

I’ve now attempted a lots of various duration underclothing and am positive there’s something for everybody.

  • Modibodi ($19-$45) has the most designs and absorbency levels of the brand names I attempted. From Super Light (half to a complete tampon), Moderate-Heavy (2-3 tampons), to Maxi 24 hours (10 tampons), and levels in between, you can discover precisely what you require for every single day of your duration. It likewise has removable, maternity, swimwears, and active alternatives.
  • Saalt ($29-$39) underclothing is made from 3 post-consumer recycled water bottles. It just uses 2 levels of absorbency, Light (1– 2 light tampons) and Regular to High (2-3 routine tampons), however the designs are adorable with mesh and lace choices. I advise utilizing other brand names for your much heavier days.
  • Bambody ($12-$19) likewise just has 2 absorbency levels– Leakproof (for identifying or very light days) and Absorbent (2 tampons)– however it’s one of the more economical alternatives, together with the Period Company above.
  • Proof ($25-$43) has more fundamental designs with 4 absorbency levels: Light (1 tampon), Moderate (3 tampons), Heavy (4 tampons), and Super Heavy (5 tampons).
  • Pure Rosy ($29-$32) just provides 3 designs and one absorbency level (approximately 2 light tampons), however they’re adorable and have some lacy accents– the business states more choices are being available in spring2022 The business deals with the D.A.R.E. Women’s Foundation to supply its underclothing to young Tanzanian ladies, along with food and water to neighborhoods in requirement.
  • Cora ($30) has simply one design and absorbency level, so I hope the business broadens. If you’re purchasing the warming duration balm discussed listed below and desire to offer some underclothing a shot, they’re great.
  • Adidas Period-Proof Shorts ($45) and Tights ($65) are expensive, however they’re made with duration underclothing built-in. The brand name suggests using these in addition to a tampon, pad, or cup for included security, specifically if you’re going to remain in the fitness center or at practice for a while, however I discovered it took in enough without anything else. The Bike Shorts ($45) I attempted are still readily available from Nordstrom, a minimum of in the meantime (they’re not offered on the Adidas website).

Tampons and pads need regular altering and are not fantastic for the environment– they’re made to be gotten rid of after a couple of hours. Menstrual cups, nevertheless, are multiple-use, lasting silicone cups that hold blood and avoid leakages. Purchase it when and it must last a number of years. There’s a finding out curve, so attempt it on days you’ll be house, and you might need to attempt a couple of prior to you discover your best one.

To utilize a menstrual cup, you’ll require to fold it (there are several methods to do this) and place it into your vaginal area. Probe to make certain it entirely unfolds and develops a seal. When you’re prepared to take it out, pinch the base of the cup somewhat to break the seal– it’s a weird sensation, however do not stress, it should not seem like it’s being removed. Depending upon your circulation, many menstrual cups can remain in for 12 hours, so you can go an entire workday without needing to clear it in a public restroom. Put a Cup In It is an excellent resource for assisting you identify which cup may be best. YouTuber RawBeautyKristi likewise uses some excellent ideas on her experience utilizing a menstrual cup.

Our Favorite Cup

I value and see the pros in all the cups I’ve pursued this guide, however I constantly chose other choices. They do not injured, however it resembled I was really mindful I was utilizing one, up until I attempted the Lily Cup. Once it remained in, I forgot it existed. I even oversleeped it easily.

The trick remains in its sizes and shape. It’s angled, thinner, and softer than many basic cups, so it folds smaller sized and feels more natural. If you’ve never ever utilized a cup, or like me, didn’t discover one you enjoyed, attempt this. Like many cups readily available, there is one for those who have actually not delivered vaginally and those who have.

The Most Options

If the Lily Cup does not attract you or you require more choices, MeLuna is popular in the classification. There are numerous sizes, firmness levels, and stem types to select from, and the business uses valuable pointers for discovering the ideal fit.

There are packages offered, too, consisting of one that features a cleaner for sterilizing the cup ($56). Many people merely boil them to sterilize, however if you live someplace like a dormitory where you do not wish to be boiling your duration cup in the common cooking area, it’s a great concept.

Menstrual Discs We Like

Photograph: Nixit

I believe many people will like the Lily, however there is no one-size-fits-all item when it pertains to durations. There are more choices offered that we likewise like, and a lot of are more affordable.

  • The Nixit Disc ($42) is a shallower kind of cup, however otherwise, it works the very same method. WIRED customer Louryn Strampe checked it and states it’s an excellent choice if you do not like the suction sensation after getting rid of standard menstrual cups. Menstrual discs return even more in the vaginal area, which implies you can still have penetrative sex while utilizing them.
  • Flex Discs ($11 for 8) and Softdiscs ($11 for 14) are non reusable variations of the Nixit Disc above, and a few people at WIRED have actually attempted them. If you dislike routine menstrual cups however have actually never ever attempted a disc, you can begin here and after that get the Nixit if you choose you desire a recyclable choice– Flex has a multiple-use variation ($35) too that we have not attempted. These likewise work for no-mess duration sex.

For some factor, the idea of a multiple-use pad appeared a little more difficult to cover my head around than duration underclothing, however they’re generally the exact same thing. WIRED editor Adrienne So evaluated the following pads and states they’re all well- made and even sort of charming. Their wings snap around your underclothing rather of sticking, and depending upon which you purchase, there might be little pockets for included inserts

The concept of bring around a bloody utilized pad is, uh, a little weird. You can either utilize them when you’re house or choose for a devoted bring bag– our preferred pads, GladRags, have a couple of choices for you to attempt. For keeping in the house, you might wish to get a little sealed bin where you can soak the pad in cold water and either completely clean it at the end of the day, or a minimum of wash it enough so it can sit till you’re all set to do a load of laundry.

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