Omega’s Ultra Deep Dive Watch Asks ‘How Low Can You Go?’

An regrettable thing tookplace in the screening of a model of Omega’s brand-new Ultra Deep scubadiver’s watch. Due to an devices breakdown, one of the 3 FOD-X enjoys (“full ocean depth speculative”) was left at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, some 10,928 meters down, the inmost point on the world, for 2 and a half days. 

The whole objective time for the prepared dive and the severe pressure test in 2019 was expected to be 12 hours, with just a part of that duration invested at the bottom of the trench. No one meant for the watch to invest more than 2 days at such depths, where the pressure is 16,000 pounds per square inch—conditions that would bytheway do really nasty things to your body.

That 2019 principle watch was called the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional, and remarkably, it emerged from its unexpected seabed experience not just untouched however havingactually lost just one 2nd of time throughout the entire misadventure. 

Omega’s brand-new watch is chunky, however it’s created to holdupagainst the severe pressure in the deep ocean.

Photograph: OMEGA

Now, almost 3 years lateron, Omega has handled to take this severe idea dive watch and manufacture a production variation, called just the Ultra Deep, capable of enduring depths up to 6,000 meters. While not having the exactsame depth score as the idea, it is great sufficient to get the watch to the start of the hadal zone, the inmost area of the ocean. 

In contrast, the Rolex Deepsea is ranked to 3,900 meters. First appearing in 2008, at the time the Deepsea more than tripled the water resistance of Rolex’s next finest scubadiver, in part thanks to 5mm-thick sapphire crystal to fight the undersea pressure. With the production variation of the Ultra Deep, Omega hasactually raised the bar considerably on efficiency dive watches.

Starting at £10,060 ($13,200 in UnitedStates dollars), there are 7 versions of the 2022 Ultra Deep. It’s notsurprisingly chunky in style, thinkingabout the pressures it is developed to withstand. But with a 45.5 mm case and density of 18.12 mm it is slimmer than the principle, inspiteof the domed sapphire crystal covering the dial having to cope with 7.5 loads of pressure. And while there’s a option inbetween the normal rubber and steel bracelets, the flagship variation is made from sand-blasted grade-5 titanium, and comes on a NATO strap made from polyamide yarn sourced from recycled fishing internet. 

In a welcome echo of the idea, Omega has kept the style it produced for the lugs on this titanium design, the watch parts that link the strap to the case. Integrated into the case body, they are left open, as this obviously reduces tension points at ocean depth. Omega hasactually called them “manta” lugs due to their similarity to the manta ray’s cephalic lobes.

Source: Omega’s Ultra Deep Dive Watch Asks ‘How Low Can You Go?’.

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