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  • Top quality audio and video
  • Great deals of adjustable settings
  • Free cloud storage approximately 3 hours
  • Suitable with Google Assistant and Alexa

Do not Like

  • Tape-recorded occasions instantly erase after 3 hours
  • Rather minimal field of vision

Google developed on the style and functions of its Nest Doorbell with Battery to develop a 2nd generation doorbell. Unlike the very first generation, where the wired and cordless variations were substantially various, the second-gen gadgets, both wired and with battery, have the very same appearance and functions.

There’s a lot to like about this next-gen video doorbell however, just like any clever house gadgetit isn’t absolutely devoid of defects. After a week of screeningI experienced small discomfort points such as the quick 3-hour window to see recordings and a somewhat minimal field of vision, however I would not think about any of them to be deal-breakers. They are something you’ll desire to be mindful of prior to acquiring.

Google Nest Doorbell 2nd generation wired in Ash color
David Anders/CNET

Even with a couple of flaws, the brand-new, hardwired Nest Doorbell is a good worth at $180. It’s not the most inexpensive video doorbell you’ll discover– older designs from Arlo and Wyzefor instance, are cheaper, as are the cloud storage memberships. Nevertheless, if you prefer Google gadgets and you’re excited for an easy to use, feature-stacked house security upgrade to your front deck, you’ll likely discover the latest Nest Doorbell to be worth the expense.

I ought to keep in mind that Google likewise launched a second-gen battery-powered Nest Doorbell in addition to the wired variation. The 2 gadgets share comparable performance and the exact same $180 cost, though the battery-powered variation has to do with an inch longer at 6.3 inches.

With that in mind, you might mostly use my findings from evaluating the wired variation to both gadgets (aside from setup, more on that in a bit). If you’re interested in either, check out on for a complete breakdown of what to anticipate.

Video and audio quality

Sporting a 1,280×960-pixel resolution with HDR and clear night vision, the second-gen Nest Doorbell’s video quality is as excellent as any. I might see whatever from my front patio and beyond in terrific information basically whenever of day. Colors are intense and dynamic when it’s light out, and shapes and motion are discernable in the evening, even with no lights on.

Like we found with the previous-generation Nest Doorbell, I discovered the 145-degree diagonal, 3:4 ratio field of view to be rather restricted, at least horizontally. If your doorbell resembles mine and located 6 inches or more far from the door, the video camera view might not completely record individuals or bundles straight in front of or a little to the far side of the door when it’s installed flush to the wall or doorframe.

Google appears to be conscious of this small issue. To treat the concern, the product packaging features a 20-degree wedge install to much better angle the doorbell and cam towards the door. After setting up the wedge, I had an adequate view of whatever in front of the door.

When it comes to sound quality, I might plainly hear somebody speaking or the thud of a plan being dropped off and the sound quality wasn’t extremely interrupted by background sounds like the wind or an automobile death by. Anybody on the patio might hear and interact with me over the two-way audio without problem.

About those clever signals and tape-recorded history

Screenshot of notices settings for Nest Doorbell
Screenshot by David Anders/CNET

You can tailor the second-gen Nest Doorbell to look for individuals, bundles, animals, lorries or any movement at all, limiting the recordings and notices to just the occasions you wish to see. I began by choosing all alert alternatives, however after a day of many notices, I changed it to simply individuals and plans.

In any case, the wise notifies were smarter than I anticipated. The “People” alert setting sent out notices and tape-recorded video when anybody strolled up to the door, of course, however likewise when somebody strolled along the walkway in front of my home. It would not, nevertheless, trouble me with a notice when my next-door neighbors simply throughout the street were entering into their vehicle or playing in the backyard, although they were definitely noticeable in the video camera feed. The “Packages” setting revealed comparable smarts and sent out a notice not just when a plan was provided however likewise when somebody selected it up.

By default, the Nest Doorbell 2nd gen (wired) is set to immediately tape-record video of all your chosen occasions and save them for as much as 3 hours. Audio recording is not on by default, however you can trigger it under the gadget settings if you desire tape-recorded audio together with video. If you do not desire or require either, just shut off occasion recording in the gadget settings.

The complimentary recording function is great, however as we kept in mind prior to with the first-gen Nest Doorbell, it does little bit excellent past that three-hour window. If your doorbell caught activity at 3 in the early morning however you didn’t awaken and see the notice up until 7, that recording will have currently been erased.

For 24/7 recording and a longer period of conserved activity, you’ll require a Nest Aware membership. Beginning at $6 monthly, Nest Aware consists of 30 days of occasion history storage (however no 24/7 recording). For double the membership expense, you can update to the Nest Aware Pro strategy and get 10 days of 24/7 recording and 60 days of occasion history storage.

If you choose 24/7 video recording, bear in mind that the Nest Doorbell is linked to your Wi-Fi and might possibly utilize a considerable quantity of information. Google keeps in mind that a month of 24/7 recording might utilize as much as 300GB of information, something to remember if your web supplier has an information cap

Other personalized settings

Another special perk of Nest Aware recognizes Faces, a facial-recognition function that can signal you to who, particularly, is at your door. Other additionals that feature Nest Aware consist of sound detection for smoke detector or damaged glass and the capability to call 911 from the Google Home app in case of an emergency situation.

Let’s state you do not desire to sign up for a $6 or $12 month-to-month Nest Aware membership, what else comes with the basic doorbell? A sure crowd pleaser: themed doorbell rings.

Particularly, the Nest Doorbell 2nd gen includes 7 ring styles consisting of the conventional “ding dong,” “pleased birthday” and others together with limited-time seasonal styles. Since this composing it’s about a week out from Halloween and yes, I am truly delighted for the Nest Doorbell to welcome my technique or treaters with ghostly boos and scary music when they sound for sweet.

To clarify, the themed rings just bet your visitors. Your indoor chime is the basic “ding dong” no matter the outside ring, though you can change for how long the indoor chime lasts or silence the chime entirely in the gadget settings.

Style and setup

The functions are outstanding with Google’s hardwired, second-gen Nest Doorbell, however I should state I’m a little indifferent to the style. Google softened the shiny, modern appearance of its previous wired doorbell in favor of a more modest, nearly soft, style.

The modification appears deliberate (Google notes it is “developed for simpleness”) and I do value how the softer appearance and 4 color alternatives– ash, ivy, linen and snow– assist the doorbell mix in much better with any house outside. The color I chose, ash, matches my house well, however I ‘d compare its look to that of the essential fob pad at my community swimming pool. Something less practical may have been a much better suitable for a $180 gadget.

Nest Doorbell's 4 color choices, white, beige, gray and dark gray

The Nest Doorbell can be found in your option of 4 colors: snow, linen, ash and ivy.


Another thing to think about: Do you desire your video doorbell to mix in? Given, an excellent clever gadget ought to match your house and go essentially undetected, other than perhaps if stated gadget is planned in part for house security. I ‘d argue that a fancy video doorbell may function as a more identifiable and efficient deterrent to possible deck pirates or trespassers than a discreet one.

I’m not completely in love with the style, however I’ll confess it does enable for a fast and simple setup. The Google Home app strolled me through a series of easy-to-follow, detailed directions from starting to end. Besides investing a couple of minutes determining which change in the electrical panel managed the doorbell, the only misstep I came across was with the doorbell electrical wiring.

The electrical wiring setup is an excellent inch or more longer than I required it to be and links to the doorbell electrical wiring by means of 2 rather large adapters versus simply twisting the wires together. It absolutely streamlined the circuitry procedure, however considering that the doorbell needs to be flush with the install to fit correctly, I wound up needing to pack the excess circuitry and adapters into the hole for the doorbell circuitry. If the existing hole isn’t big enough, you might need to simulate I did and get the drill out to broaden it. A small hassle, however one you might come across simply the very same.

A kid's hand rises to call the hardwired Nest Doorbell at a sunlit front door.

Summing it up

Whether you discover the style to be attractive or not, there’s no rejecting that the functions and wise innovation that includes the second-gen Nest Doorbell (wired or battery) are outstanding. It’s not the least expensive video doorbell on the marketplace, however I ‘d state the video and audio quality, personalized alert and ring settings and compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa gadgets more than validate the expense.

Source: Nest Doorbell 2nd Gen (Wired) Review: Useful Features, Simple Design – CNET

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