Miami Crypto World Press Release -The World’s First Experience Based Crypto Event

EXPERIENCE the ultimate crypto event, either in-person in Miami or online through Miami Crypto World, a custom built world inside the Metaverse.

Cryptonite and Miami Crypto Experience have partnered together to present Miami Crypto World, a hybrid interactive experience that will be held on November 10th – 12th — both in-person and virtually. Miami Crypto World is bringing together the world to learn, engage, connect and take part in a once-in-a-century disruptive advancement in technology and finance.

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The in-person sessions will be taking place in Miami, Florida and the online sessions will be held in the custom-built Miami Crypto World within the Metaverse allowing for attendees from all over the world to participate.

Uniquely, every ticket, both in-person and virtual tickets, will be an NFT, that will give each ticket holder exclusive access to either the in-person event or the Miami Crypto World in the metaverse where the online event will take place.

Jason Francis, the co-founder of Cryptonite unveils the most important aspects of the Partnership and Miami Crypto World.

He said: “We are beyond excited to announce the partnership between Cryptonite and Miami Crypto Experience. The Partnership brings incredible value to all our attendees, speakers, and sponsors. Bringing high-quality education to the world through enjoyable and memorable experiences is why we started Cryptonite. To partner with a reputable brand that shares this vision is incredibly exciting and important to us.

“The partnership signifies a thrilling collaboration of two businesses working together to make a massive impact. Together, we have set out to enlighten and demystify the complexities of crypto by bringing together the leaders and experts of the industry into an experience that allows attendees to learn and connect with them in impactful ways.

“This is just the beginning and we are thrilled for all that’s to come through our work together — it’s going to be impactful for so many people.”

An entire virtual NFT Gallery will allow attendees to walk through and experience the finest art pieces, most popular collections, and rare gems, while giving artists the ability to share their work live in the metaverse. Attendees will also experience a tradeshow space that will showcase Partners and Sponsors through virtual booths.

Other incredible perks of the experience include giveaways such as a McLaren, the opportunity to turn yourself into a 3D NFT, a Bare Knuckle Fight Championship event, and tickets that will live forever on the blockchain as a collectible NFT.

Over 40 sessions of hyper-focused live presentations, Q&A’s with industry leaders, and top-of-class education and investment resources will guide attendees, their businesses, and investing to a greater understanding so they can wisely participate from a foundation of knowledge rather than FOMO.

Jason continued: “Together as partners, we’re creating an all-encompassing, unparalleled experience that will position attendees, whether they’re new to crypto or an OG investor and developer, to take part, as a global crypto community, in a once in a century disruptive advancement in technology and finance.

“Over the past few months of putting together this event, we’ve had the privilege of connecting with many high-level experts and leaders and we’ve received an almost unanimous response from all of them “the events high-quality education is exactly what we’re needing to continue towards mass adoption.”

As Lord Fusitu’a of the Kingdom of Tonga, Bitcoin advocate, and speaker at Miami Crypto World, said about the event: “Come November it’s going to be fire!!”

Source: Miami Crypto World Press Release -The World’s First Experience Based Crypto Event

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