Meat items in cans from Brazil remembered for not being qualified for export to USA

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Panamerican Foods, LLC, a supplier and importer of record found in Kearny, NJ., late Friday remembered roughly 4,978 pounds of the pork and beef bean stew items that were imported from Brazil that were not qualified for export of meat items to the United States, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) stated.

The issue was found when FSIS acted on a recommendation from USDA’s Smuggling Interdiction and Trade Compliance Program. The pork and beef bean stew items, which were imported from a Brazilian facility not qualified to export meat items to the United States, were observed for sale in a store.

The following items undergo remember, despite the item date:

  • 430g cans including “Anglo Feijoada Pronta para servir.”
  • 430g cans consisting of “Bordon Feijoada PRONTO PARA SERVIR”.

The items based on remember bear the facility number “76 S.I.F.” on the can. These canned products were delivered to retail places across the country.

FSIS consistently carries out recall efficiency checks to validate that remembering companies inform their consumers of the recall which actions are required to guarantee the item is no longer readily available to customers. When offered, the retail circulation list(s) will be published on the FSIS site at[19659009]Far, there’s been no verified reports of unfavorable responses due to usage of these items. Anybody worried about an injury or disease need to call a doctor.

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Source: Meat items in cans from Brazil remembered for not being qualified for export to USA

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