• Ethereum has more use cases than Bitcoins as per billionaire Mark Cuban and Shark Tank
  • Cuban sees BTC as digital Gold, and deemed that Bitcoin is what the Gold folks are doing
  • Cuban advocates smart contracts platform Ethereum and layer 2 solutions
  • Mark Cuban believes that investors could choose Bitcoin to invest in the longer time-frame

Ethereum and Bitcoin proponents are long in debate to decide which coin has more potential. Recently, Shark Tank and billionaire Mark Cuban deemed BTC the best store of value in the market. However, they also cited that Ethereum has more potential than the flagship crypto asset. Cuban explained to its 8.5 million followers in tweet threads that BTC’s advantages include that it has no competition as a store of value (SOV). Moreover, the billionaire believed that smart contracts platform Ethereum and layer-2 solutions have more utility than Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is what the Gold folks are doing

According to Mark Cuban, Bitcoin is the best store of value in the crypto market. However, the leading crypto coin is no cure for any financial system or a hedge to anything. Notably, the Bitcoin Lightning Network can potentially enhance the utility of the digital currency. Following the value of BTC is driven, it seems that the same is being done by the Gold folks, and compared the coin designed by Satoshi Nakamoto with traditional gold.

Ethereum helps evolve our lives

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Cuban highlights that smart contract platform Ethereum and Layer-2 solutions have more utility. Such layer-2 solutions help to increase the transactional throughput. Additionally, Cuban cited that he likes Ethereum more, and there is no point of arguing the trilemma, halving, or inflation. Moreover, Cubans can see an unlimited number of applications that can potentially change the consumer world forever. NOtably, to use such applications users will have to purchase Ethereum coins and Bitcoin doesn’t have such demand-pull.

Furthermore, Cuban explained that if he says bananas have more use cases than Bitcoins, as Bitcoin is a better gold than gold. It is clear that Bitcoin play is not a use case unless something unexpected happens with the Lightning Network. The billionaire also noted the transactions fee of BTC and ETH to prove ETH’s utility.

BTC seems to be a long term option

Mark Cuban believes that Bitcoin could be chosen by investors globally for long term investments. Besides, BTC, smart contract platforms are found struggling to attract decentralized applications (dApps) and its users. We have observed that all chains supporting smart contracts are in a Death war to win those dApps. However, if multi-billion blockchains get inactive in the war, the factor will bring a huge win for Bitcoins.

Source: Mark Cuban believes that Bitcoin is the best store of value

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