Livestream Shopping Benchmark Report 2022

This Livestream Shopping Report is given you by our partner, the Influencer Marketing Factory. The report takes a thorough take a look at the development of Livestream Shopping in the United States and UK. Livestream shopping treasure trove has actually been occurring in China for a couple of years now. In 2021, the Chinese livestream market reached nearly $317B, so it was apparent that this would be the design for the United States market. The Influencer Marketing Factory performed a study and gathered information from more than 2,000 individuals. This Livestream Shopping Report reveals the outcomes of the research study study.

Livestream shopping has actually disappointed expectations in regards to traction this year. The USA and Europe are still missing out on particular vital elements such as quality Livestream shopping hosts, interaction and rewards, substantial discount rates, and a lot more that make live shopping a special design. With that being stated, this does not suggest that it does not have the possible to grow greatly and this can preferably be a terrific chance for brand names, platforms, and developers to beat rivals to the punch and for that reason end up being the marketplace leaders for the upcoming years.


Livestream Shopping Report by The Influencer Marketing Factory:

What is Livestream Shopping?

Livestream shopping is a channel that brands and merchants utilize to promote and offer their items live. It normally integrates home entertainment and shopping, empowering human connections through social networks or live-streaming platforms.

It’s like QVC, however used on your phone or laptop computer. Livestream occasions are typically hosted by an influencer, a KOL, or a celeb. Understood as live commerce or live video shopping, buying items by means of online streams is ending up being more popular around the world.

More particularly, in the United States and the UK, this phenomenon is fairly brand-new, however in contrast, the Livestream pattern is removing more gradually than in nations like China.

Market Size

In 2022, the Livestream shopping income in the United States is anticipated to strike $20 billion and by 2022, the e-commerce profits developed from live online shopping is anticipated to grow more than 5X and reach more than $60 billion in earnings.

The Chinese Market

Shopping-related material is among the most popular types amongst live streaming watchers in China. Chinese sales are anticipated to reach $423 billion by 2022. Taobao is the world’s most significant gamer with a market share of 35%, the conversion rate of the material on Taobao Live is 32%.

With a yearly development rate of 14%, in 2021, 700 million Chinese users viewed live stream. Amongst the 700 Livestream enthusiasts, 460 million have actually acquired products through Livestream, representing 44.9% of Chinese Netizens.

Unlike the live-streaming platforms in the West, China has actually transformed how e-commerce companies run. In May 2016, Alibaba altered the next wave of e-commerce by presenting Taobao Live. With Livestream, China has actually allowed a big part of household- owned companies and farmers to grow throughout the pandemic.

A Real Bussiness For KOL’S

Chinese hosts can make countless dollars with virtual presents, brand name offers and commissions on sales. Among the most well-known KOLs (Key Opinion Leader) Austin Li – likewise called “Lipstick King” offered $1.7 B worth of items in a 12-hour Livestream for Alibaba’s Singles Day.

In China’s culture, throughout the Han Dynasty, “benefits” gave earnings for the majority of authors, artists, and entertainers. Rewarding these artists is an indication of a high social position, so for that reason the gifting includes that we have today amongst live streams resemble this ancient custom.

To comprehend the appeal of live-streaming in China it deserves keeping in mind that research studies have actually discovered that besides the function of home entertainment and social contact, for audiences in Tier 1 cities (11%), Livestream is a method to leave solitude, for audiences in Tier 2 (34%) and Tier 3 (55%), Livestream is a window for hidden experiences.

How to Leverage Livestream Shopping Activities

Hosts in the United States are generally stars or influencers (Chinese equivalent to KOLs). A charming host is essential to begin and keep a live running over time and engaging. It’s crucial to be able to engage and amuse consumers, response concerns, and offer precise info about the items being offered.

In China, hosts do not just show items, however likewise unpack them along with attempt them on within the live. Being an efficient influencer does not constantly necessarily equate to being a great seller in a Livestream, the abilities required are various.

Livestream directs the customer straight to the items in order to purchase them. Since of the endowment result, people might value an owned things greater than its market price, for that reason clients would never ever wish to miss out on a bargain. A package sale is an example of a lot that customers can not stand to lose out on.

Live Stream Apps in China

Taobao Live

Taobao was the very first Livestream shopping platform presented in 2016. The live streaming service uses various classifications to go shopping from such as way of life, charm, food, and style. In 2021 the app has actually collected over 50 billion views and the typical watching time increased by 25.8%. The yearly variety of deals has actually increased at a rate of 16.6%. Taobao Live’s audience is 71% woman, and 72% of total users are in between 18-34 years of ages.


Over 85% of Kuaishou users’ are from backwoods and lower-tier cities. The business presented live-streaming in 2019 providing smaller sized users more direct exposure and reducing the cost compared to other platforms. This led to fast development and Kuaishou is now the second-largest live-streaming e-commerce platform by GMV. In the 2nd quarter of 2022, the profits from live streaming increased by 19.1%, adding to 39.5% to the general total profits.

Douyin (Chinese TikTok)

Douyin Livestream function is popular amongst young customers. As of February 2022, 88.3% of its users reported having actually live-streamed. Lancôme hosted 40 sessions in between May 4 to 25 in cooperation with 20 influencers. Douyin Livestreams over 9 million sessions each month with a gross product worth (GMV) that is growing 3.2 times YoY. Orders from Livestream increased 11.2% compared to April 2021.

Approaches in which audiences can be engaged or reveal their complete satisfaction by means of Livestream commerce

We performed a special study

The study information provided in this report was gathered from 1,000 participants based in the United States and 1,000 based in the UK who sent their actions in between October 11, 2022 and October 21, 2022. Our target market was users in between 18 and 67 years of ages.

Our objective was to comprehend their choices in regards to Livestream shopping, social commerce live shopping habits, Livestream shopping technique, and general if and how they go shopping throughout a Livestream.

Because the UK had actually seen traction with Livestream shopping in the previous year (contrary to other nations in the European zone) we wished to know more about their customers. The 2 nations surveyed ought to not be taken a look at as a contrast, however rather as an examination of the 2 markets. Western market with more Livestream functions, platforms, and brand name adjustment.

Our Exclusive Livestream Shopping Survey

After evaluating its outcomes, The Influencer Marketing Factory limited 6 primary findings, that include:

  1. In the U.S., 36% of our research study individuals validated buying something throughout a livestream shopping occasion, while 25% of our UK participants verified the very same.
  2. The favored platforms for Livestream shopping in order of choice for the U.S.: Facebook Live 26%, Instagram Live 19%, TikTok Live 18%, Amazon Live 18%, Pinterest 6%, Others 4%, Whatnot 3%, ShopShops 3%, TalkShopLive 2%, Bambuber 1%.
  3. The favored platforms for livestream shopping in order of choice for the UK: TikTok Live 30%, Amazon Live 18%, Facebook Live 17%, Instagram Live 16%, Pinterest 6%, Others 4%, Whatnot 2%, TalkShopLive 3%, NTWK 2%, ShopShops 2%.
  4. “Quality of item” was the leading factor for livestream looking for participants both in the U.S. and the UK. Free shipment can be found in 2nd, discount vouchers can be found in 3rd, and having the ability to see evaluations from other consumers in real-time was available in 4th for both the U.S. and UK participants.
  5. A part of United States responders (27%) has actually invested in between $20 and $50 on livestream shopping in the last 3 months. Relatively in the UK (31%) of responders have actually invested in between $10 and $20.
  6. Livestream shopping is ruled out “more enjoyable” or “more amusing” than routine online shopping.

Have you ever acquired something throughout a livestream?

Have you ever acquired something throughout a livestream? Split by age

Just how much cash have you invested in livestream shopping in the last 3 months?

Which platform do you choose to go shopping on through livestream?

How most likely are you going to purchase something by means of livestream in the next 6 months?

From 1 to 10: “I discover livestream shopping more enjoyable and amusing than routine online shopping.”

From 1 to 10: “If I think about the streamer/host/influencer reliable, I am most likely to purchase.”

From 1 to 10: “I choose livestream shopping due to the fact that of the interaction I can have with the hosts and other consumers.”

What kind of item did you purchase throughout a livestream?

Reasons somebody stores throughout a livestream (United States & UK)

Why do you normally sign up with a livestream shopping occasion?

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