Let’s Talk About The Recent First Flight In UK Airspace Of A RAF RG Mk1 Protector

https://i0.wp.com/theaviationist.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Drone-Underside.jpg?resize=678%2C381&ssl=1″ alt=”Protector first flight in UK” title=”Drone Underside”>
The very first RG1 Protector (PR009 )removed from RAF Waddington(Photo: Royal Air Force)

RG Mk1 Protector flew for the very first time in British skies over Lincolnshire just recently.

On Nov. 17, 2023 the Royal Air Force revealed that its RG Mk1 Protector Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) effectively completed its very first flight over UK airspace. This turning point followed the airplane’s arrival to RAF Waddington a couple of weeks prior. Having actually completed the ground screening stage, 31 Squadron has actually now carried on to aerial screening of the type before its main entry to service, arranged to occur early next year. According to the RAF Programme Director for Protector, Group Captain Rutledge, ‘Achieving the very first flight of Protector in UK Airspace is a fitting turning point for this stage of screening, representing an exceptional synergy. We will now develop on this success and eagerly anticipate the next Test & Evaluation stage as part of our preparations for the In Service Date later on next year.”

Flight in the of the RAF’s latest airplane, Protector RG Mk1!

The from another location piloted airplane system flew over @RAFWaddington– a crucial turning point in providing the security, intelligence, & accuracy strike airplane to the cutting edge.

https://t.co/6E1SeN0k0l pic.twitter.com/MhDXVCFg7Q

— Royal Air Force (@RoyalAirForce) November 17, 2023

The very first of 16 from another location piloted Protector airplane came to RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire in September and is going through a series of extensive trials and tests before getting in the RAF fleet. Efficient in running throughout the world with a very little released footprint and from another location piloted from RAF Waddington, it can run at heights as much as 40,000 feet with an endurance of over 30 hours.

The very first Protector (PR009) effectively cabbed and flew a series of circuits around RAF Waddington airfield, at all times under the control of a pilot through its ground-based sophisticated cockpit.

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Protector pictured landing at RAF Waddington (Photo: Royal Air Force)

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PR009 is the very first of a preliminary batch of 16 RG1s to go into service. (Image credit: Royal Air Force)

Presently just one airframe has actually reached Britain, while more wait for shipment from the United States. Some airframes are still under usage by RAF pilots stationed in Southern California to train the very first batch of Protector pilots.

All airplane of the very first order are anticipated to be provided and in-service by Jul 2025. With the UK federal government purchasing an extra 13 platforms in 2021, the RAF is set to run an overall of 29 RG.1 s. The 31 Squadron will be the very first RAF squadron to run the type, having actually been reformed previously this year.


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Source: Let’s Talk About The Recent First Flight In UK Airspace Of A RAF RG Mk1 Protector

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