Jenny Moore to Step Down as Director of Chinati Foundation in Marfa

Jenny Moore will step down from the Chinati Foundation after serving 9 years as director. Her term at the not-for-profit company, which handles more than 100 works by Donald Judd in Marfa, Texas, will formally end on July 31.

Marella Consolini, who was the primary operations officer of the not-for-profit organization from 2010 to 2014, will function as interim director while the board of trustees carries out a global look for Moore’s replacement.

During her time as director, Moore revamped the company’s management and vision, changing Chinati, which was developed in a series of storage facilities on 340 acres in the west Texas desert by Judd in the 1980 s, into a full-fledged modern art museum with a yearly presence that peaked around 50,000 prior to the pandemic. In 2017, she presented the multiphase “Master Plan” for the conservation of the museum’s structures, the enhancement of its visitor experience, and the remediation of its huge premises.

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Among her achievements is the 2016 unveiling of untitled (dawn to sunset), a 10,000- square-foot, C-shaped concrete structure by Robert Irwin. It’s significant restoration of a previous army medical facility, divided by passages of rotating windows and clear scrims that cast the structure half in darkness and half in sunshine.

This April the museum finished a $2.7 million repair of the John Chamberlain Building, among 3 transformed wool storage facilities committed to modern artists Judd appreciated, and the 22 massive sculptures made from crushed auto parts set up within. It is the world’s biggest long-term setup of Chamberlain’s works, and had for years suffered damage in the area’s scorching heat, high elevation, and winds.

” With the very first stage of the master strategy total, and after effectively browsing the company through the most defining moments of the pandemic, the timing was ideal for me to shift and for brand-new management to take the helm of the company,” Moore stated in a declaration provided by the structure.

Source: Jenny Moore to Step Down as Director of Chinati Foundation in Marfa

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