Is Wordle excellent for your brain? | Letters

A Wordle routine mostlikely wouldn’t secure Emma Brockes from dementia (My five-letter response to the New York Times taking over Wordle? I giveup, 17 February). There is a misconception about puzzles and brain health. The human brain is big since we are social beings. Meeting our fellow animals is more mostlikely to keep us well. The Lancet’s evaluation, released in 2020, is beneficial for those interested in what makes a distinction – eg workout, consuming well, ballot for clean-air policies and welcoming education. If your household informs you that your hearing is getting evenworse, get it inspected. Gather with others in whatever method you can. If you like peace, peaceful and certainly word puzzles, takepleasurein them in smallamounts.

Tim Sanders


In action to Emma Brockes and other adopters of Wordle, I have one word: crosswords. Never purposefully improved.

Anne Cowper

Bishopston, Swansea

Source: Is Wordle excellent for your brain? | Letters.

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