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Top 10 Amazon PPC Courses to Level Up Your Marketing Game

With great popularity comes great competition. This is the case with selling on Amazon. You’ll need to bring your A game if you want your ads campaigns on this platform to work. However, pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Amazon can be confusing. If you’ve used PPC marketing before on channels like Facebook and Google, you’ll already

Best Practices and Tips for Adding Music to Your Instagram Posts

Want to give your plain old photo a little bit of boost on Instagram? Whether you want to convey a specific vibe or share your favorite songs, Instagram now lets you add music to your regular feed posts. This can be a great way to add an extra layer of entertainment to your content and

Next-Level Social Media Design Agencies for Your Brand

Humans are visual beings. We retain more information when we see photos or videos about a topic than when we simply read about it. That’s significant in the context of marketing in general, particularly with the growth of social media marketing. Visual communication answers the audience’s growing demand to quickly receive vital and easily digestible information.

How Amazon Product Bundling Can Be a Winning Strategy

Suppose you’re grabbing some dinner from McDonald’s. If you’re like most people, you aren’t likely to restrict yourself to merely a burger or two. You’re probably likely to want to add some fries and a drink, and maybe even a sundae to finish the meal off. McDonald’s realizes that most people prefer these combinations and

Maximize Your Audience Reach With These 13 Lead Generation Platforms

Businesses rely on effective sales trajectory management to close deals. The first step in this process is lead generation, which is considered one of the most critical aspects in business development. Lead generation is the backbone of all sales. It is a way of producing prospective clients for your business and capturing their interest and

Everything You Need to Know about Instagram Auto-Generated Captions

As new regulations get introduced, more and more websites are making space for individuals of all abilities and making accessibility a major focus. Instagram followed suit when the platform introduced auto-generated captions in 2022. This was a much-needed update as it created new opportunities for businesses and creators to maximize their content accessibility within the

Top Youtube Spenders Report [2022]

Research MethodologyThe data presented in this report was collected using our weekly compilations of sponsored YouTube videos. The creator data showcased in this report was captured using the NeoReach Social Intelligence API. In order to qualify, and be included in our dataset, each video had to comply with FTC disclosure regulations. Our dataset consisted of


OverviewA big part of the process of bringing these reviews to you is the research done to understand the background of the company. This often begins at Crunchbase, where we find out the basics of the company and its founders, launching points for further research. Crunchbase always contains a descriptive blurb about each company, and

The Best Excel AI Tools To Become An Excel Power User

Excel is a powerful tool that helps you make quick calculations and derive insights from data gathered from various sources such as marketing data platforms. Most people see it as a spreadsheet application that stores data in tabular form, but in reality, it’s a robust computational tool that can solve complex problems.However, to be able

A Marketer’s Guide on Instagram Branded Content for 2023

Branded content is a key strategy for expanding overall online brand reach as partnering with other brands and influencers helps introduce your business to new audiences. While branded content has taken many different shapes and forms over the years, Instagram is working to streamline the process with their new set of tools.Instagram branded content tools

Livestream Shopping Benchmark Report 2022

This Livestream Shopping Report is brought to you by our partner, the Influencer Marketing Factory. The report takes an in-depth look at the evolution of Livestream Shopping in the US and UK. Livestream shopping bonanza has been happening in China for a few years now. In 2021, the Chinese livestream market reached almost $317B, so