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An irresistible offer refers to a product or service that exceeds its monetary value. It’s usually due to an increased value in brand perception, which makes it a no-brainer for your ideal client to refuse.

So, how do you create an irresistible offer so that your prospects are ready to pull out their wallets and invest in your programs or services? 

1. Understand the market and your unique value proposition

It’s important to understand the market and your competitors to know what else is out there and where you stand. If your prospects are in buying mode, they’re trying to make an informed decision and they’re going to do their research.

Being clear about your unique value proposition and what makes you have a cutting edge over your competitors will determine whether they decide to move forward with you or someone else that offers a similar product or experience.

Once you know what your competitors are offering, you’ll need to have clarity on what exactly you want to be known for. Be an expert — not a generalist — and you’ll attract clients who are targeted while positioning yourself as an influential leader.

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2. Sell the results that you offer, not the product that you have

We might be tempted to go on about why our services and products are the best, but that doesn’t motivate your prospect to commit and invest at a high level. Your ideal clients are motivated because they have a problem that needs to be solved, and they want to experience the transformation that you can offer them.

Instead of offering a “1:1 business coaching package”, or an “Instagram audit”, let them know how these programs or services can help them get to where they want to be. Being specific with the results they can accomplish will make your offer sound juicier.

For example, as a marketing coach that specializes in lead generation:

  • Instead of saying: “I can help you with lead generation”
  • You can be more specific and say: “I help coaches to attract 100+ qualified leads from Instagram without running any paid ads.”

3. Speak to their pain points and offer a solution

Your prospects are experiencing a problem that is causing them pain. They’re looking for a solution to take away the pain and move towards pleasure. An irresistible offer identifies their pain points and encourages them to take action. It speaks to their desires and the level of transformation that they want to experience. Apart from offering the solution, you need to understand what motivates them to make a buying decision so they see the need to take action right away.

These are some questions that you can start with:

  • What are the common problems that your prospects face and what solutions do you have for them?
  • What are their fears and hopes?
  • What are their beliefs and values?
  • What are do they desire and what motivates them to take action?
  • What will make them pay attention to your content and bring awareness to the solution that you offer?

4. Articulate the value of your irresistible offer

You may have the best offer in the world, but if you’re not able to articulate that, your ideal clients will never desire or see the need to invest in your program. Attracting more clients isn’t about creating more offers or discounts to get more people in. All you need is an irresistible offer that is difficult to refuse. It’s about being able to articulate your message so that you can build a connection with your prospect on an emotional level. Creating more offers and focusing on multiple strategies before mastering one may result in burnout before you know it.

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5. Nurture the relationship and bring them closer to their destination

Thereafter, focus on nurturing your prospects as it usually takes quite a few touchpoints before your prospects convert into paying clients. In this case, I usually use a Facebook Messenger chatbot that automates personalized messages to engage with my prospects without needing to manually follow up with them. I’ve personally seen an extremely high open rate hovering above 90% compared to email marketing, which has an average open rate at around 20% across all industries.

The first touchpoint in my chatbot sequence gives them the option to sign up for my masterclass. The next steps showcase results of my past clients, and articles that I’ve shared to ensure that every touchpoint adds value and builds the relationship with them on a deeper level. It is important to follow up with content that brings them closer to their destination. You’ll need to keep them engaged with valuable content that also builds trust. Just like every relationship, it takes time to develop and nurture.

Get an easy “yes” from your ideal clients without pushy sales tactics

Having an irresistible offer will increase your conversation rate drastically so that your prospects are ready to invest before they get on a sales call with you. Irresistible offers save you a lot of time and energy, as you’ll be able to minimize objections with an offer that has been articulated well.

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Source: How to Increase Your Conversion Rates With an Irresistible Offer

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