On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Live Action President and Founder Lila Rose joins Federalist Staff Writer Jordan Davidson to discuss Texas’ newest anti-abortion law, which protects babies in the womb who have detectable heartbeats, and what sets it apart from other pro-life legislation.

“This is a huge victory because it is the most substantial pro-life legislation that exists right now in all of the United States, all 50 states for protecting preborn life,” Rose said. ” It bans abortion after six weeks. You could even argue that it would ban abortion after five weeks. Basically, when the heartbeat can be detected is when the ban goes into effect so that the child is typically around six weeks old pre-born. And this would virtually shut down most abortion facilities and their operations in the state of Texas.”

As it currently stands, the law has survived abortion activists’ attempts to block which some say could be useful to other states looking to create their own pro-life legislation.

“This is a very unique law which is kind of why it’s snuck past the typical court blocks that other laws have faced,” Rose said. “It puts the enforcement mechanism in the hands of private citizens who then stand up to what abortion clinics might be doing in a rouge way and I think that legal maneuvering by pro-life advocates designing the law is what the courts have not been able to come up with an argument, at least not yet, for why the law can’t go into effect with the existing Supreme Court decisions on abortion starting with Roe.”

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Source: How Texas Is Punching Back At An Establishment Obsessed With Killing Babies

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