How Much is Your Podcast Worth? [Podcast Ad Revenue Calculator]

With podcast engagement on the boost, podcasts have actually turned into one of the leading tools that online marketers can take advantage of. Almost 60% of all United States customers who are older than 12 listen to podcasts, according to podcast stats shared by Statista. What’s more, the variety of podcast listeners has actually essentially doubled in 10 years. These numbers have a favorable effect on podcast advertisement incomes too. According to online information shared by eMarketer, it’s prepared for that podcast advertisement profits will be more than $2 billion in2023

The tool listed below has actually been established to enable you to determine the approximated podcast advertisement income quickly.

Podcast Revenue Calculator

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How to Use the Podcast Advertisement Revenue Calculator

  • Drag the Podcast Download Count slider up or down based upon predicted outcome.
  • Set the number of podcast advertisements you wish to consist of per episode + pick if you wish to consist of a pre-roll advertisement.
  • Set the number of regular monthly episodes you anticipate to be aired.
  • Fill rate averages around 70%, however you can drag up or down based upon your fill rate expectations.

Factors That Determine Your Podcast Earnings Potential

Host-read advertisements vs. vibrant advertisement insertion

What makes podcasts such an effective tool to check out is that the listeners’ connection with the host can play simply as essential a function as their connection with the material of the program. Host-read advertisements produce much better brand name recall than podcast advertisements not check out by the host. According to information shared by The Nielsen Company, host-read podcast advertisements drive a brand name recall of 71%, while advertisements not check out by the host produces just 62% brand name recall. What’s more, host-read advertisements are likewise more efficient at motivating listeners to discover more about the item marketed.

Also, host-read advertisements are more genuine. As the advertisement will feel as if it belongs to the real episode there’s much better connection. In other words, it feels more natural.

On the other hand, vibrant insertion advertisements are different from the recording of the initial podcast episode. As an outcome, the positioning of the advertisement can alter or it can be gotten rid of at a later phase entirely. From the viewpoint of the podcast manufacturer, vibrant insertion advertisements can be more rewarding as you’ll get more chances to utilize sponsorship making it much easier to produce continuous advertisement earnings.

Pre-roll advertisements vs. mid-roll advertisements vs. post-roll advertisements

Most podcasts use 3 slots for advertisements. It can appear in the very first 10% of the episode as a pre-roll advertisement, in the middle of the episode as a mid-roll advertisement, or more towards the episode’s end as a post-roll advertisement. Pre-roll and post-roll advertisements are normally about 30 seconds, while mid-roll advertisements have to do with 90 seconds.

Post-roll advertisements are normally a bit less expensive as not all listeners will listen to the total episode. A possible perk that this type of advertisement provides is that it will most likely be heard by the most passionate listeners.

Average rates

Podcast advertisements are offered according to a CPM (expense per mile, simply put cost per thousand impressions) design. If you concur to an $18 CPM for a 30- 2nd advertisement which is the market average, the marketer will pay $18 for every 1,000 advertisement listens. For a 60- 2nd advertisement, the typical CPM is $25


An option to utilizing the CPM design is utilizing sponsorships. Sponsorships are cost a set rate for a project’s period. Simply put, with a sponsorship deal the podcaster will market the brand name for about a week (however, it can often be for a whole season too). The size of the audience is among the primary aspects that will figure out the rate.

If you’re brand-new to podcasting and bring in less than 5,000 listens per episode, sponsorships can in fact be something rewarding to check out. In this case, you can search for a sponsor that would have an interest in your specific niche.


The fill-rate for your podcast can differ in between 40% to 80% and will depend upon elements such as your audience demographics, the season, and so on. It’s determined utilizing the variety of downloads per episode, the variety of episodes aired each year, and the variety of advertisement areas per episode.

The typical variety of advertisement areas appears to be 4 advertisements per episode. Online information recommends that some podcasters have as numerous as 6 advertisements per 30- minute episode or 8 advertisements per 45- minute episode.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are vibrant insertion advertisements?

Dynamic insertion advertisements (likewise understood just as vibrant advertisements) are different from the initial podcast episode’s recording. This indicates that the positioning of the advertisement can alter from pre-roll to mid-roll to post-roll. It can likewise be erased entirely in the future.

What are the benefits of host-read podcast advertisements?

Host-read podcast advertisements can produce a much better brand name recall than podcast advertisements that are not checked out by the host. Host-read advertisements are likewise more reliable at motivating listeners to learn more about the product and services that’s marketed. Host-read advertisements are more genuine. The advertisement will feel as if it’s part of the real episode so there will be much better connection and it will feel more natural.

What are the typical podcast advertisement rates?

The rates of podcast advertisements can be exercised in various methods. The majority of the time it will be exercised utilizing expense per mile (CPM), however repaired rates can likewise be utilized for sponsorship. For a 30- 2nd advertisement, the CPM (or expense per 1,000 listeners) has to do with $15-18 For a 60- 2nd advertisement, it’s about $25-30 There are likewise a couple of aspects that will affect an advertisement area’s cost like the advertisement length, size of the podcast audience, specific niche, and timing.

Does it matter how huge the audience of a podcast is?

In the case of marketing, quality really matters more than amount. A larger audience isn’t always much better if the listeners aren’t that engaged. Rather, it’s more vital to have actually engaged listeners than just to reach a huge audience. You desire to keep in mind the engagement rate as well.

How can you generate income from a podcast?

There are 5 main manner ins which you can utilize to generate income from a podcast. These methods are: podcast sponsorships, affiliate marketing, offering merch, providing memberships, or merely requesting contributions by means of a website like Patreon. Fortunately is that if you’re thinking of offering various kinds of paid advertisements, you do not always require to have a huge audience if your listeners are engaged.

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