Hong Kong’s Rail Operator To Collab With The Sandbox: Plans a Virtual Station

Hong Kongs subway operator plans

  • Another significant entity in Hong Kong is all set to enter the Metaverse with The Sandbox. 
  • This collaboration between MTR Corporation and The Sandbox is to develop a railway-focused virtual space. 
  • Hong Kong and The Sandbox have also earlier been in the limelight for the Metaverse also has aquatic theme park Ocean Park and the remarkable star ferry.  

Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Corporation, the rail operator in Hong Kong, recently announced that it would collaborate with The Sandbox. They would together work on a metaverse project to develop a subway-themed digital world theme park. 

MTR highlighted that it would partner with one of the most prominent metaverse projects, The Sandbox, to develop a railway-focused virtual space to create fun, unique, and immersive experiences via gamification. 

The Sandbox Metaverse is backed by Animoca brands, Hong Kong-based blockchain unicorn. It is a play-to-earn game atop the Ethereum blockchain utilizing Decentralised Finance(DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs) in a three-dimensional Metaverse. The Sandbox enables exciting experiences as the users and players can build their Avatars to access the various environments, hubs, and games in the Metaverse. 

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What Does MTR Corporation Plan To Offer Via The Sandbox?

The rail operator highlighted that it has acquired a land in the Sandbox to construct an immersive virtual station to facilitate games where the players can operate a train station and can drive trains. And it would also comprise a railway museum that would basically exhibit the moments that MTR intertwined with the cultures and communities of the region. 

It would further utilize the digital environment to boost science, mathematics, technology, and engineering education. MTR would also collaborate with Studio Collective to work on the project’s roadmap and finalize it. 

This is not the first time Hong Kong has been in the limelight to partner with The Sandbox. Various entities have already taken a move toward virtual space. Many of its landmark buildings have entered the Metaverse, for instance, the remarkable star ferry and Ocean Park, the city’s aquatic theme park. 

The Sandbox is constantly growing as it plans to come with its Alpha Season 3 soon. Only last week, a report signified that the project is also looking forward to raising US$400 Million. 

More and more entities are getting involved in concepts like Metaverse and NFTs, and they are not only limited to fun and exciting experiences but are much more than that. This launch symbolizes how it is innovatively being used by the entities providing a whole new level of experiences for the folks. 

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Source: Hong Kong’s Rail Operator To Collab With The Sandbox: Plans a Virtual Station

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