Assisting to decrease product packaging by 30%

Published on 20 Dec 2022 by The Manufacturer

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It prevails understanding that the cost of practically whatever is presently rising, and this is no various in the product packaging market. Inflation is nearly at 10 percent and rates are increasing at the fastest rate for more than 40 years. Here, product packaging provider Ribble describes how it can assist.

Expenses are considerably increasing in paper, energy and even pallet production, which in turn is most likely to have a damaging impact on all kinds of product packaging. Contribute to this the reality that customer behaviour has actually significantly altered to online shopping in the previous couple of years, with the equivalent of 5 years development in 2020 alone, it is not a surprise that the nation is utilizing even more product packaging than ever in the past.

What can services do to lower their expenses in the present environment? Utilizing Right Size product packaging permits the production of a more sustainable product packaging procedure, while decreasing product packaging expenses. Size product packaging likewise assists to get rid of the usage of space fillers, which are typically one of the factors expenses are so high, particularly following the intro of the plastic product packaging tax.

How Ribble can assist?

Ribble has an easy 4-step Right Size Process:

  1. Go into the product measurements into the Right Size device
  2. Select design and amount of boxes needed, then press ‘Go’
  3. The best size box is produced within seconds
  4. Bundle each item firmly in the best size box

Discover the Right Size service

Ribble’s Right Size option integrates Fanfold product and modern innovation to produce the best size box for all items. In addition, making product packaging versatile and economical implies it can be transformed back into Fanfold product packaging. Fanfold is a long piece of corrugated board scored at routine periods and folded nicely and compactly. Fanfold can then be utilized to load single or several items by feeding it into totally automated product packaging makers to produce a specific size box, for that reason removing waste. Ribble Packaging manufacture and supply corrugated Fanfold, in addition to pioneering Right Size product packaging services in the UK.


How-to-reduce-your-packaging-spend-when-prices-are-going-up: Image thanks to Ribble
Image thanks to Ribble

A few of the advantages of altering to a Right Size product packaging service consist of:

  • Conserving around 30% on product packaging expenses by utilizing Right Size and just purchasing Fanfold
  • Removing outdated product packaging purchases by making just packages needed
  • Removing plastic product packaging by utilizing the Right Size box
  • Minimizing transportation expenses by fitting more onto automobiles


Among Ribble’s clients, Dextra Group, mentioned that by utilizing Right Size services, it might produce particularly created product packaging on a ‘in the nick of time’ technique to fit its factory. As an outcome of producing completely sized boxes, Right Size services can remove void fillers, minimize corrugated expenses, enhance automobile utilisation and lower transport expenses.

Check out Ribble to see how the business’s product packaging can benefit your organization.

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Source: Assisting to decrease product packaging by 30%

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