Heimdall will be released with BALDUR testnet’s existing features

  • Odin is all set to launch its Heimdall testnet v2.0 on Monday
  • The protocol is moving ahead of its roadmap nearing its mainnet launch
  • The upcoming testnet launch will also include some existing features of the BALDUR testnet

Odin or the Open Data Interoperable Network protocol is getting more hot in the cryptocurrency industry. Several speculators of the protocol claim that it is prepared to boom in the crypto industry. Notably, the network is the most prominent additional branch of development within the GeoDB ecosystem. Indeed, the protocol helps the GeoDataBlock among key innovation leaders in the industry. In December, the network began with its tremendous roadmap. Recently, the team behind the protocol announced that its Heimdall testnet v2.0 is ready to be introduced.

Odin Protocol is a potential project

Odin Protocol is a decentralized system that creates a data oracle to bridge the gap between the real world and blockchain. Notably, the network is based on an open protocol interaction among participants and a sustainable thrift. Moreover, the protocol also involves the creation of a decentralized Peer-to-Peer data sharing world. Ultimately, the protocol aims to enhance the GeoDB ecosystem with a unique world.

Crypto project moving ahead of the roadmap

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Odin protocol is moving ahead of its roadmap and will soon launch its mainnet. The team behind the project has recently announced that the Heimdall testnet v2.0 is prepared to be launched. According to the official announcement, the testnet will be launched on Monday, October 18, 2021. Notably, the announcement also noted that the testnet will be released with some existing features of the BALDUR testnet. Besides the following, Odin will now release a chain explorer and it will move to HTTP.

Odin’s mainnet is near to be launched

According to the roadmap of the protocol this month, the Odin community will also witness the launch of its mainnet. Following the pace, and updates, it seems the protocol’s live system, flow implementation, and onboarding features are working fine. Indeed, the mainnet is expected to be launched by the end of this month. According to one announcement, the mainnet release date is October 27, 2021. However, following the tremendous growing pace of the project, we can witness the true potential of the Odin Protocol.

Source: Heimdall will be released with BALDUR testnet’s existing features

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