Tile is an ideal wellness design surface for its low maintenance, durability, versatility and … [+] hygienic properties.

Nueva Alaplana/Tile of Spain Member Company

If you follow global tile trends, there are three key events to watch each year. One of them, Cersaie, took place last month in Bologna, Italy and the industry reports on what was hot on the show floor are now in. This is what will be trending on our shores and in our showrooms next year. Why should trend spotters care?

Tile is a key component in residential construction, cladding many homes’ floors, backsplashes and shower surrounds for decades, and more recently expanding to porcelain slab countertops, cabinet fronts, outdoor spaces and even roof surfacing.

The other two major tile events are Cevisama, Spain’s equivalent of Cersaie, and Coverings, the U.S.-based expo hosted by the trade councils from Spain, Italy and North America.  Since the three events share many of the same major exhibitors, the trends tend to be similar across the shows. Here’s what the pros are seeing.

1. Anti-Bacterial

Tile with antibacterial properties has become popular because of the pandemic.

Grespania/Tile of Spain Member Company

Remember wiping down every surface of your home last year as the pandemic struck your area – and the related shortage of wipes? Millions of adults became as fanatical about sanitizing their spaces as hospital staff. The tile industry took a cue and has made its already wellness-friendly materials into even more appealing choices with antibacterial properties. This won’t eliminate the need for wiping or wipes, of course, but it does make them easier to keep sanitary for personal hygiene, recreation, cooking and dining.

2. Murals

Tile murals let you travel visually from home.

ABK/Ceramics of Italy Member Company

Scenic and biophilia-inspired tiles were a strong trend this year in tile, fabric and wallpaper. Of the three, tile is the ideal surface to clad a shower wall or outdoor wall. Perhaps because so many people around the world have spent so many extra hours at home this past year and a half, having their walls evoke the flora or fauna of their favorite vacation spot has strong wellness appeal!

3. Baroque Style

Versace brings its baroque patterns to a tile line.

Versace Ceramics/Ceramics of Italy Member Company

We saw a similar trend a century ago with steampunk and roaring 20s influences. Today’s trends are more classical, but exuberant, dramatic and luxurious for a generation of young homeowners who want to put their stamp on their living spaces and aren’t necessarily concerned about resale.

4. Pastels

Muted pastels, especially nature-inspired, are trending this year.

Equipe/Tile of Spain Member Company

With crises around the world blaring for attention and energy, it isn’t surprising that soft, warm pastels would show up as a trend this year. These include rose, sky blue, mint and sage and complement popular paint brands’ colors of the year. Nature-inspired hues are especially popular in gently-neutral blues and greens.

5. Texture and Dimensionality

Dimensional and textured tiles let you create interesting looks with durability.

Ragno/Ceramics of Italy Member Company

This isn’t a new trend, but with ever more sophisticated printing technology, it’s getting easier to mass produce impressive surfaces with textured and three dimensional finishes. This makes it easier to create interesting spaces at home that are still low maintenance and durable.


If you’re in the design and construction industry and interested in seeing tile trends without an international plane ticket, consider attending Coverings 2022 in Las Vegas next April 5 to 8.

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Source: Five Top European Tile Trends For 2022

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