F-35C Ramp Strike Video Leaked Online

F-35C ramp strike video
In the boxes: frames from the dripped video proving the F-35C as it strikes the deck and skids sideways swallowedup in flames.

The video reveals the F-35C suffering a ramp strike priorto rupturing in flames and skidding off the deck.

Video video from the USS Carl Vinson’s  Pilot’s Landing Aid Television (PLAT) cam has simply been dripped online, proving what occurred to the F-35C of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 147 that crashed on January 24, 2022 and sunk in the South China Sea. In the days after the crash, a image of the F-35C drifting in the sea was dripped online, instantly followed by a video shot from the fantail and revealing the last seconds priorto the goal. The U.S. Navy verified a coupleof days lateron the credibility of both the image and video.

The video dripped today was published on Reddit and reveals both the PLAT electroniccamera video and another point of view from the airplane provider’s island. We can see the Lightning II coming in with a quickly increasing sink rate simply inthepast the goal, which triggered the Landing Signal Officer (LSO) or “Paddles” to start shouting on the radio “power” and then “wave off, wave off” to instruct the pilot to terminate the landing and go around rightaway.

The next chilling minutes, which according to the electroniccameras tookplace at 16: 30: 30, program what appears to be a ramp strike or a really short and heavy landing. The quality of the video as it was taped from a computersystem screen and the truth that it was taped with some parallax do not offer a really clear view. Either method, the airplane hit extremely hard the ship, with the effect shredding off the primary landing equipment and triggering the F-35 to bounce on the deck and striking it nose-first, priorto beginning to skid sideways while swallowedup in flames.

As the airplane provider’s team calls for the fire emergencysituation, the video changes to the other videocamera, which reveals the consequences of the crash. The 2nd electroniccamera’s video starts as the LSO calls the pilot for more power on the last technique, priorto providing the desperate “wave off”. The cam reveals that the pilot bailed out as the airplane went totally sideways in the middle of the deck and currently swallowedup in flames. The F-35 than continued out of control and fell straight in the sea, while some burning pieces flew towards other airplane parked on the deck, with the emergencysituation team rapidly steppingin to put the fires out.

The user that published the video on Reddit states that the video was not tape-recorded by him/her, without defining where it was acquired. The video shot from the fantail was veryfirst shared on Telegram, priorto endingupbeing viral on Instagram and other socials. The U.S. Navy did not verify the video’s credibility yet, even if the videofootage appears to be constant with the information about the occurrence that have emerged so far.

Although there were lotsof speculations worrying the root cause of the occurrence and how it unfolded, so far, no authorities declaration hasactually been launched. The video includes some more proof about what occurred while the authorities examination profits. Meanwhile, the U.S. Navy is working on the healing of the 5th gen airplane from the bottom of the sea.


Stefano D’Urso is a factor for TheAviationist based in Lecce, Italy. He’s a full-time engineering trainee and aiming pilot. In his extra time he’s likewise an amateur airtravel professionalphotographer and flight simulation lover.

Source: F-35C Ramp Strike Video Leaked Online.

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