Exclusive NFT collection drop: Rolling Stone partners with Coinbase

  • Rolling Stone, the American publication, is partnering with Coinbase for the veryfirst time to bring out an special NFT.
  • Twelve artists were entrusted to produce the NFTs, consistingof Jeff Manning and Boss Beauties.
  • This collaboration marks the beginning of an continuous collaboration inbetween Rolling Stone and Coinbase, states the American Magazine.

The regularmonthly American publication devoted to music, politics, and popular culture hasactually made a resurgence after a timeout with Rolling Stone Live.

It has justrecently partnered with Coinbase, where the 2 entities are stated to be presenting unique Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs).

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Rolling Stone has teamedup with the popular cryptocurrency business Coinbase through which it will be dropping Rolling Stone Live NFTs, which will function twelve digital artists in the blockchain area.

These artists will consistof Deadfellaz, Elise Swopes, Boss Beauties, Kideight, Mikegrillmadeit, Markthehabibi, Domino, Giant Swan, Alida Sun, Jeff Manning, Mister Goldie, and Emonee LaRussa. And according to Rolling Stone, these artists were offered the job of developing these NFTs that likewise program the Rolling Stone logodesign. 


According to the American publication, this collaboration marks the beginning of an continuous collaboration inbetween the 2 entities. The artwork will be animated priorto they are made readilyavailable for purchase through the Coinbase NFT market lateron in the year.

Rolling Stone’s statement highlights that this unique and restricted release will offer the fans with a possibility to own evidence of history developed by some of the most well-known artists from the crypto market area.  

This is not the veryfirst time Rolling Stone is exploring with the NFTs, although it is its veryfirst collaboration with Coinbase. Earlier, Rolling Stone partnered with the leading NFT task Bored Ape Yacht Club. 

According to the CEO of Boss Beauties, Lisa Mayer, it’s motivating for them to be teamingup with a brandname like Rolling Stone and a innovative business like Coinbase. And that they are honored to be amongst the well-known artists and ecstatic to see how they turn out to be together.

Rolling Stone live will function musical efficiencies by Kaskade, Iann Dior, Tinashe, etc. Also, companies like Doordash and Twitch will work with Rolling Stone to conduct on-site studio sessions.

The logodesign highlights that Coinbase is providing the Rolling Stone’s Live occasion 2022 on the 12th of February.

NFTs are presently quickly emerging in the crypto market. It appears like more and more entities are getting into the sector not just because they are in pattern however likewise because they see an chance for development bymeansof them.

Source: Exclusive NFT collection drop: Rolling Stone partners with Coinbase.

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