Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX Resumes Flight Operations

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Ethiopian Airlines executives signedupwith media, regulative authorities, and executives from Boeing on a presentation flight Tuesday, Feb. 1, to mark its authorities return of the 737 MAX to passenger-carrying operations in Ethiopia. (Ethiopian Airlines)

Ethiopian Airlines has returned its Boeing 737 MAX to routine passenger-carrying operations almost 3 years after the African provider’s deadly mishap that led to a 19-month grounding of the airplane design.

On March 10, 2019, an Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX operating as flight ET302 fatally crashed near Ejere, Ethiopia, a coupleof minutes after taking off from Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, killing all 157 guests and team members on board. Ethiopian hasactually endedupbeing one of the last 737 MAX operators to return the airplane to service, after worldwide evaluation of an upgrade to the method the airplane’s flight control softwareapplication and system works veryfirst enabled it to resume flying in November 2020.

Ethiopia’s Civil Aviation Authority launched an interim mishap examination report on the crash in March 2020, although a last examination report has neverever been released. On Tuesday, Ethiopian Airlines executives signedupwith media, airtravel regulative authorities, and others on a  demonstration flight to mark the airplane’s authorities return to service in Ethiopia.

In a Feb. 1 press declaration, Ethiopian Group CEO Tewolde GebreMariam stated the airlinecompany has “taken adequate time to display the style adjustment work and the more than 20 months of strenuous recertification procedure and we haveactually madesure that our pilots, engineers, airplane servicetechnicians, and cabin team are positive on the security of the fleet.”

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Ethiopian Airlines flight team members signedupwith executives, regulative authorities, and media for a presentation flight Tuesday. (Ethiopian Airlines)

Since civil airtravel authorities veryfirst began authorizing the airplane’s return to service in late 2020, the MAX hasactually collected more than 349,000 business flights and close to 900,000 overall flight hours. Boeing got more than 700 web orders for MAX airplane from airlinecompanies last year, and finished a overall of 263 MAX shipment in 2021.

Civil airtravel authorities varying from the Federal Aviation Administration to European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) amongst others needed enhancements to the total performance of the MAX’s navigating qualities enhancement system (MCAS) and its associated systems and parts along with some needed manual and pilot training updates.

Boeing reached a legal settlement arrangement with households of the guests and team members eliminated in the 2019 ET302 crash in November that enabled the business to combine its 737 MAX legal problems and declares to the U.S., while enabling victims’ households to gainaccessto the U.S. legal system, according to an Associated Press report from November. Several lovedones of travelers that passedaway in the ET302 crash have likewise askedfor a re-opening of a previous settlement revealed by the Department of Justice last year that protected Boeing from criminal prosecution associated to the crash, according to a more current report.

“The airlinecompany’s self-confidence is evenmore showcased by flying the leading executives and the board chairman and other leading federalgovernment authorities on the veryfirst flight,” GebreMariam stated.

Ethiopian Airlines has 4 B737 MAX in its fleet and 25 staying on order, with some setup for shipment lateron this year.

Source: Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX Resumes Flight Operations.

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