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LA’s 1st Inaugural Earth SCHOOL Unveiled at Moffett Lennox Elementary



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We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the Earth SCHOOL program at Moffett Lennox Elementary this May 30th and 31st. In partnership with Monarks Strategic Alliances and Lennox School District, Mother Earth International offered a transformative two-day immersive and interactive kinesthetic educational experience. The program served approximately 660 students, providing them with hands-on practical Earth skills development and take-home activities for continuing education about the responsible stewardship of the Oceans.

Earth SCHOOL at Moffett Lennox Elementary

  • Moffett Elementary Earth SCHOOLIntegrated Learning Experience: Students were immersed in a comprehensive experience that covered 5-10 “Circuit Stations.” Over the course of two full days, all grades TK-5th participated, engaging in various activities that promoted self- and planetary awareness.
  • Parent Involvement: Thanks to the diligent efforts of Parent Liaison Sandra Maramonte, we are grateful for the support of 25+ parent volunteers who have generously contributed to the program’s success, ensuring a nurturing and engaging environment for all participants.
  • Expert Facilitators: We employed highly regarded California-based and national facilitators in a range of industries, from traditional education to holistic wellness, media, business, and permaculture.
  • Research-Based: While care and connection are core tenets of our program, we designed each Station using methodologies from University education programs and national think tanks to incorporate the most progressive techniques.
  • Student Approved: We aimed to foster a deeper connection with student leaders to enhance the culture of an eco-friendly mindset by presenting the program to the Student Council before delivery.
  • Supporting Local Businesses: The Earth SCHOOL program is proud to support Babou Printing, a local women-owned business, for our staff t-shirts, fostering community engagement and support.

Earth SCHOOL Program Overview

  • Station 1—Materials: Earth SCHOOL Students watched a video about “upcycling” or repurposing construction, restaurant, and retail waste into brand-new furniture or interior design. They then raced to sort their own materials into “recycling” or “upcycling” based on what they learned. Remote Intro by Amber Lasiak, Redu. Led by Moffett Parent Volunteers.
  • Station 2—Literacy for Leadership: Students were immersed in a children’s book “Ride the Waves: An Emotional Journey Through Life.” They learned how to process their emotions and were inspired by the possibility of telling their own stories led by Laura Marcos, Universal Alchemy.
  • Station 3—Ocean Memory: Students were informed about Japan’s tragic decision to dump 1.3 million tons of radioactive wastewater into the Ocean from the Fukushima Daiichi Plant. They were given postcards on special sustainable hemp paper (with no trees cut down) to write down their favorite memory of the ocean, which will be mailed on their behalf. They also learned about the power of their voice. Inspired by Hanalei Swan. Led by Laura Marcos, Universal Alchemy.
  • Station 4—Wilderness Words Yoga: Students were introduced to the concept of “grounding” or “earthing” to help them stay present. They practiced using their five senses to enhance their sensory and observation skills. The class was led by Elizabeth Blake, Self Heal w/Liz, and designed in partnership with Freedom2Fit, Inc.
  • Station 5—Planting for the Planet: Students experienced an interactive environment of touching their soul, inserting a seed, and watering their planter seedling. This was coupled with education about optimal plant growth, plant nutrients, and composting. Led by Steven Humphries of Solaroof Global Solutions
  • Station 6—Trash Cleanup: Students were taught some statistics about the growing problem of trash filling our landfills and the increased amount of plastics and disposables being left on our streets, in our parks, and on our beaches. They then got to experience using a handheld trash picker with an accompanying reusable burlap sack to practice picking up empty bottles, bits of paper, and garbage from their schoolyard. Led by Tristan Kendall, 0 Debris.
  • Station 7—Ocean Health Simulation: Students observed a model of a healthy and clear ocean compared to a dirty ocean. Kiddie pools filled with sand offered this enhanced multi-sensory experience, where they could put their hands inside the “ocean” and feel the “oil spill” along with the empty bottles and straws. The discussion centered around the effects of these conditions on marine and human life. Led by Tristan Kendall, 0 Debris.
  • Station 8—Hydration: Students sampled two varieties of healthy infused water, cucumber lemon and strawberry basil, and were asked to choose their favorite. They learned the importance of staying hydrated, especially when engaging in movement or physical activity. They experienced an alternative to artificially flavored and sugary sports drinks. Led by Moffett Parent Volunteers.
  • Station 9—Environmental Media: Students entered a mock news station/film studio and got to choose their career role: director, Photographer, Reporter, Guest, Cameraperson, or Audience. They reported on the conditions under the ocean as scuba divers, mermaids, or fish. They practiced using iPhones to create content and got to speak their voice on pressing topics like plastic in the ocean. Led by Vincent Wu. Designed in partnership with Live GTI!
  • Station 10—Art Review: Students enjoyed a relaxing and fun session painting and/or coloring a nature-themed image. They collaboratively created a beautiful mosaic that is still hung in the Moffett Elementary halls. Modest Fly Art led the project, which was designed in partnership with Monarks Strategic Alliances.

LA’s 1st Inaugural Earth SCHOOL Unveiled at Moffett Lennox ElementaryWe are dedicated to providing an educational experience that enriches our students’ minds and instills a deep appreciation for nature and sustainability. The Earth SCHOOL program launched at Moffett Lennox Elementary is committed to nurturing the next generation of Earth Stewards, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to care for our planet. The model is ready to scale to more Lennox School District schools and offer Moffett the next round of skills development.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected], visit our website at, or follow us on FB/IG @motherearthintl

Mother Earth International has been in operation since 2015 and has served thousands of children and families across New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and California. The organization is endorsed by the International Human Rights Commission and the Sophia Federation, with its Founder/Executive Director being a recipient of the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The Earth SCHOOL program is a premier offering of a larger scope of services that expand into energy transition consultation, regenerative agriculture, self-development, sustainable community living, affordable housing, and much more that together become a vision for an Earth SMART(sustainable, mindful, artistic, regenerative, transparent) standard of quality life, food, and social cohesion.


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