Draken Will Provide Red Air Services To The Royal Air Force

Draken L-159s in development in the United States. (Photo: Draken)

Draken’s L-159Es will take over the assailant function of the justrecently retired Hawk T1 fleet.

The Royal Air Force granted a six-year agreement to Draken to offer assailant airplane to assistance the training of Typhoon and F-35B pilots, reproducing the techniques, methods and treatments of capacity foes. This is the veryfirst such agreement positioned in the United Kingdom, although a comparable service is presently being provided by Draken International and other specialists to the United States Air Force.

“This interesting brand-new ability increases the quality of functional training. By enhancing the currency, ability and survivability in battle of our Lightning and Typhoon fighter pilots we will improve the effectiveness of the UK’s Combat Air ability”, stated Air Commodore Townsend, Senior Responsible Owner. “The Contract was provided through competitors, from beginning to agreement signature, in an incredibly short timescale of just 6 months. It is prompt, budgetfriendly, deliverable and offers Defence with outstanding worth for cash.”

Beginning from the July, Draken Europe will usage the L-159E Honey Badger to supply simulated air-borne danger as part of the Interim Red Air Aggressor Training Service (IRAATS) program. This ability was formerly supplied by the justrecently retired Hawk T1. As pointedout by the RAF, the L-159E provides a ability improvement over the Hawk through increased endurance, an air-to-air radar and a radar caution receiver.

“Draken Europe hasactually been reliedon by the UK Government to provide the world’s most highly advanced functional preparedness training to the RAF and the Royal Navy for numerous years. Our group takes really seriously the nationally substantial function that they have training armedforce workers from the UK and its tactical allies, supplying a variety of multi-platform impacts utilizing next-generation innovations”, stated Paul Armstrong, CEO at Draken Europe. “We’re proud to be bringing an totally brand-new ability to the UK defence sector – specifically so at a time when geo-political occasions have brought into sharp relief the requirement for our armed forces workers to be experienced successfully to protect themselves from attack.”

File picture of a Hawk T1 conducting aerobatic maneuvers. (Photo: RAF)

The agreement, revealed last week, was positioned on Mar. 28, 2022 and presently covers 3 years, with alternatives for up to a evenmore 3 years. The L-159Es will be based at Teesside International Airport, where Draken’s existing DA20 Falcon airplane fleet (used for enemy air, electronic warfare training and target and banner hauling) are presently situated. The L-159s, previously ran by the Czech Air Force and updated by the maker Aero Vodochody, will be signedup and controlled by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

As currently discussed, the Red Air ability was supplied by the Hawk T1 fitnessinstructors appointed to 100 Squadron. The Hawk T1 was changed in its flight training function by the Hawk T2, however it was kept in service as assailant airplane. Following the newest Defence Command Paper last year, it was chose to retire the older Hawk design by March 31, 2022, after more than 40 years of service. The just T1s that will stay in service upuntil 2030 are the ones appointed to the Red Arrows.


Stefano D’Urso is a freelance reporter and factor to TheAviationist based in Lecce, Italy. A graduate in Industral Engineering he’s likewise studying to accomplish a Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering. Electronic Warfare, Loitering Munitions and OSINT methods used to the world of military operations and existing disputes are amongst his locations of competence.

Source: Draken Will Provide Red Air Services To The Royal Air Force.

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