Czech Republic Eyes F-35 For Gripen Replacement– Reports

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File picture of a USAF F-35 A (U.S. Air Force picture by Senior Airman Erica Webster)

According to regional media the Czech Minister of Defense is thinking about the F-35 to change the JAS 39 Gripen.

Although absolutely nothing has actually been chosen yet (a minimum of formally), it appears like the F-35 is thought about amongst the preferred prospects by the Czech Ministry of Defense for the replacement of the present fleet of JAS-39 C/D Gripen jets.

For a couple of years conversations have actually been underway within the Czech MOD to choose a fighter that might change the 14 Gripen fighters presently on lease from the Swedish producer Saab till 2027 (with an alternative to extend the lease agreement to 2029). All the 3 initial choices are still on the table: extending the lease and continue with the Gripens; acquire the more recent Gripen E/F variation; or pick a totally various type.

File image of a Czech Air Force JAS- 39Gripen (Image credit: Wiki)

In case the choice to obtain a totally brand-new kind of airplane is made, the prospects would be the Eurofighter Typhoon and the Lockheed Martin F -35(as the F-16 V deal was come by LM to concentrate on the Lightning II). The latter has actually typically been thought about extra-large and too costly for the requirements, aspirations and posture of the Czech Republic. The scenario has actually altered a lot and, the war underway in Ukraine as well as the substantial modification in the security scenario in Eastern Europe, have actually presumably pressed the 5th generation airplane at the top of the shortlist: while it is the most pricey( not just to obtain however likewise to run) it is likewise the most contemporary airplane in the world; it might completely incorporate with present and future NATO weapons systems for the next years and, if required, bring nuclear weapons. Lots of other European nations, even some which had actually formerly disposed of the type, or smaller sized ones where the F-35appeared to be too pricey, have actually chosen for the Lightning II stealth airplane, considering it cost-efficient for their requirements after substantial examinations. And, if success in the Old Continent market wasn’t enough, the F- 35 continues to win likewise in the remainder of the world.

According to the info acquired by the Czech Echo24 media outlet,” The Air Force has actually currently handed down to the ministry its concept of which airplane ought to safeguard the Czech sky in the coming years. The choice will be up to the ministry and the federal government. The Czech Republic will more than likely not utilize the alternative to acquire formerly rented airplane. In2027, it will be more than a quarter of a century old makers that will retire within the next years. “

In such context,” the American F-35 is described as the most popular prospect. […] The rate would most likely be around85 to 90 million dollars each.”

Minister Jana Černochová must create the objective of getting24brand-new fighters throughout the summertime, according to the regional day-to-day, despite the fact that a main choice might slip to2023

Significant interest in the F -35 by the Czech Republic has actually been verified by J.R. McDonald, the vice president of F- 35 organization advancement at Lockheed Martin, throughout a press conference on the opening day of the ILA Berlin Air Show recently, when he stated:” Initially we provided both the F-16 Block70/72 and F-35 A, however after assessing their requirements, we have actually dropped the F-16 As far as we understand, the Czech Air Force requirement is for in between 18-24 [airplane] […] You’ll hear more about it quickly”.

Let’s see what occurs.


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