• Crypto market has been observed witnessing a large tide in its prices
  • Gains from the massive cryptocurrencies seem to have been forfeited
  • Altcoins have seen better gains as compared to Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin IRA has witnessed a significant inflow of new accounts in August
  • Bitcoin IRA is intending to more than double its crypto offerings
  • Will Clemente highlighted that for the previous seven days, BTC’s price has prevailed in a volatility squeeze

Crypto market has gained a lot of attention since last year with tremendous gains. Several assets in the market have made their investors billionaires. Following thousands of percent worth gains, many tended to enter the market. But, many of the new investors had to face the mid-May crash. Over the past month, it is observed that digital assets are witnessing a large tide in their prices. However, metrics suggest growth across the asset class has not been equal. Hence, yields from the largest cryptocurrencies seem to have been lost.

Altcoins performing better in the crypto market

Notably, the majority of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and Non-Fungible Token trading are ensuing on the Ether blockchain. According to the data from CoinMarketCap, ETH is the second largest crypto coin in terms of market capitalization. In recent times it noted that the coin has surged by more than 17% from $2.7k to $3.9 higher than BTC. 

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On the other hand, other blockchain-based assets in the crypto market like Cardano (ADA) have more than doubled. And Solana (SOL), which also has been assessed as the Ethereum killer, has more than tripled in value over August. ADA and SOL have persisted to notch almost day-to-day all-time highs for the last two weeks.

Bitcoin IRA sees crypto Q1 2021’s pattern again

Bitcoin IRA, an investment platform that assists retail investors to attain crypto exposure in their retirement accounts. The firm has witnessed a significant inflow of new accounts in August.

Following the scenario, Chris Kline, COO of the platform stated that they broke their ATH in Q1 2021 before Bitcoin ran from $45k to $65k. She also highlighted that the firm is recognizing the uniform pattern again. Indeed, August seemed a lot like April, but almost twofold as big.

Retail investors seek percentage growth

Currently, Bitcoin IRA has about 120k user accounts, with approximately $2 billion in assets. Although the platform’s poundage doesn’t stroll the market, the bubble of retail investors opening new accounts is a pointer of how bizarre investor areas want more formal ways to participate in this market.

According to an uneven approximation across all accounts, Kline underlined that the users hold 43% of their portfolio in BTC, 27% in ETH, and the remaining 30% is a blend of other digital assets. The firm extends 10 different crypto assets in total. Moreover, Bitcoin IRA is intending to more than double its crypto offerings in the fall.

According to Kline, there could be a lag. He noted that retail investors are noticing percentage growth. While BTC rules supreme, it has considerably reliable expansion while there is exponential growth happening on ETH in the crypto market. 

Analysts calling a volatility squeeze

It is observed that in August, the price of BTC peaked at $50,000. According to analyst Will Clemente, the surge of the coin served on a key technical and psychological level. Clemente highlighted that for the previous seven days, BTC’s price has prevailed in a volatility squeeze. The factor shows that traders have balanced each other out, thereby reducing the asset’s typically high volatility.

However, Clemente also infers that the scenario seems to deviate soon. Indeed, such contraction for BTC usually takes a week to two to conclude. Hence, the analysts signaled a bigger move that soon might be witnessed.

Source: Crypto market witnesses a pattern similar to Q1 2021

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