Crypto gambling faced a major Ethereum problem

Etheruem has become such a major cryptocurrency option for many gamblers who play at online casinos, that it has already provided some challenges to the industry according to information that was recently released and made public.

The coin, which is considered to be the second biggest within the market and the main challenger to Bitcoin in regards to value despite the recent crash that the two coins (and many of the others within the industry) recently experienced, has shown how popular it is and just how popular it has become as an alternative when wagering at a crypto casino. A number of casinos accepting Ethereum have started to emerge all over the internet recently, thus further highlighting its appeal to holders, as many are continuing to use the token as a means of making a deposit or withdrawal method. is probably the best ethereum casino to play crypto slot games, despite the fact it is still a rather extremely volatile digital currency.

KingTiger Casino temporarily closed their platform due to Ethereum congestion

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However, its popularity is still incredibly high as there have been problems experienced by casino operators who allow for the virtual token to be used on their platforms. In fact, one such operator has already been forced to temporarily close their platform due to the congestion being caused by Ethereum usage.

KingTiger casino revealed in late August that the continued increase in use of Ethereum had caused them a problem as there had been too much usage on the network provided, thus making it impossible for them to be able to run their games and, ultimately, make them available to those who were keen to use the crypto as their preferred payment option. This only further highlights how popular the virtual currency is within the online gambling scene.

Not ideal but an opportunity for KingTiger Casino

Indeed, it was not perfect for KingTiger casino to have to temporarily close down their network, but it will show that there is a huge interest in Ethereum and how it can be used within the online casino gambling market. It has to be said, though, that one of those reasons why it is becoming highly popular is simply down to the fact that it is only a fraction of the price that Bitcoin costs. However, it must also be noted that the major drawback of ETH is the fact that it is not as user-friendly as its competitor at the moment.

Nonetheless, there is evidence to suggest that Ethereum will become just as mainstream as its rival digital currency and one that KingTiger casino will want to ensure that they are able to capitalise on in the future without being hit with any more hindrances in their offering. Indeed, the online operator has already revealed that they are working hard to ensure new solutions are made available to allow them to continue to host games, although they did continue to allow holders to continue to access their wallets whilst the service was down.

Ethereum continues to have interest shown

Despite the recent crash in prices experienced around the entire cryptocurrency industry, Ethereum is a digital coin that continues to show demand and one that remains positioned rather well within the market. One way in which it is clear that there is demand and confidence in the virtual token is via the recent updates that were made to the fork on the blockchain. An update was applied that saw 800 deflationary blocks that could be formed when Ether burns saw the supply of the coins decrease but ultimately saw the price increase simultaneously.

Ethereum still has some drawbacks

Unfortunately, there are still high transaction fees involved when using Ethereum, with many of them seemingly costing around the $20-mark on average, although this has been higher with some other transactions. This is a problem compared to many other cryptos that are available and one that will make ETH a digital token that may not be looked at too favourably in the future if this remains to be the case. As mentioned, although it is not the only crypto to have suffered recently, Ethereum did also suffer a rather huge crash in value unexpectedly, although it has since been able to recover quickly according to the latest data that is available.

Source: Crypto gambling faced a major Ethereum problem

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