Chinese J-11 Executes Unsafe Intercept Flying Within 10 feet Of A U.S. B-52

J 11 intercept B 52
A screengrab from the video shot by the B-52’s pod.

The close encounter in between the U.S. B-52 and the PLA J-11 occurred in global airspace over the South China Sea.

On Oct. 24, 2023, a Chinese J-11 obstructed a U.S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortress bomber flying a night time objective in global airspace over the South China Sea. According to the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, the Chinese pilot “flew in a risky and less than professional way, showed bad airmanship by closing with unrestrained extreme speed, flying listed below, in front of, and within 10 feet of the B-52, putting both airplane in risk of accident”.

“We are worried this pilot was uninformed of how close he concerned triggering an accident,” a public declaration states.

“The PRC obstruct was performed during the night, with minimal presence, in a way contrary to worldwide air security guidelines and standards. Military airplane, when purposefully approaching another, will run with expert airmanship and offer due regard for the security of other airplane.”

The event is simply the current of a long series of close encounters (180 considering that the fall of 2021) in between U.S. and Chinese airplane that the Department of Defense referred to as “hazardous” and “less than professional”: as we have actually reported in information in a current post, the Pentagon on Oct. 17, 2023, launched a collection of declassified images and videos illustrating “a hazardous pattern of coercive and dangerous functional habits by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) versus U.S. airplane”, although simply a few of those clips truly reveal the most hazardous and aggressive maneuvers performed by the Chinese pilots throughout the interception of U.S. spyplanes (generally P-8, EP-3E and RC-135 airplane).

Handling the most current interaction, the DoD has actually launched a brief clip shot by the B-52’s SNIPER Advanced Targeting Pod (if you can’t play the ingrained video listed below, click on this link).

B-52 Stratofortresses and airmen with the 2nd Bomb Wing are presently released to Andersen AFB, Guam, for a BTF (Bomber Task Force) rotation. The BUFFs perform regular objectives to the South China Sea (in flights of 2 bombers).

24 OCT: USAF B-52Hs SAUCY11 & 12 from Andersen AFB, Guam carried out a Bomber Task Force objective over the South China Sea.

— Aircraft Spots (@AircraftSpots) October 25, 2023

USAF B-52Hs DIVA11 & 12 left Andersen AFB, Guam for a Bomber Task Force objective over the South China Sea.

— Aircraft Spots (@AircraftSpots) October 26, 2023


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Source: Chinese J-11 Executes Unsafe Intercept Flying Within 10 feet Of A U.S. B-52

Chinese J-11 Executes Unsafe Intercept Flying Within 10 feet Of A U.S. B-52 - Click To Share

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