Californians Rally Against the ‘Infanticide Bill’

SACRAMENTO—On the actions of the California State Capitol over a thousand individuals collected in the shadow of the structure complex while numerous California Highway Patrol officers scanned the environments for capacity hazards under the cloudy skies.

“We are calling this a lobby day, not a demonstration,” Gina Gleason, director of Real Impact, a Christian activist company, informed The Epoch Times.

“’Protest’ is too aggressive for what we are doing.”

Many of those participatingin the rally hadactually driven from Southern California, as well as flown into the Sacramento airport, to rally versus the passing of Assembly Bill (AB) 2223.

State Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland), who presented the costs, stated at an April 5 Judiciary Committee conference that the expense is indicated to avoid pregnant females from being prosecuted for ending their pregnancy or losing their infant.

AB 2223 would forbid holding a individual—the mom or a health care serviceprovider—responsible for “miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or perinatal death” of a infant based on “their actions or omissions” associated to the pregnancy, according to the state legal details site.

Although the expense doesn’t provide a exact meaning of “perinatal,” it typically involves the time frame inbetween 22 weeks of pregnancy and 7 days after birth, according to the committee’s costs analysis.

“We’re talking about a expense that will not just end a kid’s life, [but also] post-birth up to 30 days or longer,” Pastor Jack Hibbs, of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, informed The Epoch Times. “The law, if passed, avoids an examination or an autopsy on why the kid passedaway. It is actually astounding, and that’s why theotherday when I was being talkedto by news teams from Australia, England, and Germany, they might not think it either.

Epoch Times Photo
People rally versus Assembly Bill 2223 in Sacramento on April 19,2022 (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

“[Wicks’s bill] might be coming from the finest intents, however I am here to inform you in Sacramento that it is not just incorrect, it is illegal concerning our First Amendment, and most significantly, it is a offense of God’s word,” Hibbs stated.

“God is a God of life. It’s obvious that the things that we takepleasurein in life are gorgeous and valuable, and we maintain them; however that you’re presuming the position of God—that you have no .”

Just hours priorto the presentation, hundreds goingto the rally collected in a conference location within the Hyatt hotel, surrounding to Capitol Park, to goover the procedure of an assembly expense, and a breakdown of the language utilized to explain AB 2223.

“They state they are attempting to safeguard females with this costs,” Gleason stated. “But the expense explains the scenario as ‘prenatal death’ as a outcome of pregnancy and birth as a ‘pregnancy result?’”

“We are advising the senate health committee to aid make the right choices.”

Greg Burt, of the California Family Council, a faith-based activist group, stated to the big crowd that when he “heard the language of the expense, I might not think how far they haveactually gone.”

“This is a costs supporting abortions after birth … It’s infanticide.”

Burt, a previous pressreporter, stated though the expense itself does not reference the word “infanticide,” if passed, it would enable moms the reason required to end a kid’s life after birth for “pregnancy-related triggers.”

Burt stated a “pregnancy-related cause” is unclear duetothefactthat it is “not specified” in the text.

“Postpartum anxiety is an example of a pregnancy-related [cause], significance that a mom who’s depressed might eliminate her kid, and there would be reason to do so,” he stated.

Epoch Times Photo
The Legislative Office Building in Sacramento, Calif., on April 19,2022 (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

Back on the actions of the California State Capitol, ralliers started to gently sing in sync together Amazing Grace, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and God Bless America.

“Some pals and I from church came up here today to oppose this costs together,” rallier Vanessa Le informed The Epoch Times. “People requirement to be mindful of how evil this costs is, and we requirement to do all that we can to stop it.”

“We are hoping for our legislators to have their hearts opened to see the evil in this costs and its avoidance of human life.”

When numerous members of California’s faith neighborhood approached the actions to speak out versus the costs, the volume of the crowd reduced to hear them, as the audio devices was equipped for a rally of just 500 individuals.

Those in favor of passing the expense haveactually been referenced as coming to hazardous conclusions supported by “fact-checked” sources.

“Despite the widevariety of ‘fact check’ posts that have rejected and minimized the plain fact … the chief council for the pro-abortion bulk of California State Assembly Committee on Judiciary specified that “the perinatal death language might lead to an unexpected and preferable conclusion,” stated lawyer Olivia Summers with the American Center for Law & Justice, a politically conservative, Christian activist company.

“The analysis goes on to state the expense might not be adequately clear that perinatal death is planned to be the effect of a pregnancy problem. Thus, the costs might be analyzed to vaccinate a pregnant individual from all criminal charges for all pregnancy-related results, consistingof death of a newborn for any factor throughout the perinatal duration after birth consistingof a cause of death which is not attributable to pregnancy issues.”

The crowd was motivated to be respectful in sharing their complaints with AB 2223 at the 4 p.m. Assembly Health Committee hearing.

John Fredricks


John Fredricks is a California-based reporter for The Epoch Times. His reportage and photojournalism functions haveactually been released in a range of acclaimed publications around the world.

Source: Californians Rally Against the ‘Infanticide Bill’.

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