Boeing 2021 Aircraft Deliveries Surged



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Boeing’s sales and shipments of brand-new aircrafts increased in 2021, however the aircraft maker still ended the year behind its primary competing Airbus.

According to Boeing, it provided 340 airplane, up from 157 in2020 Jet exceeded Boeing, having actually provided over two times the number managed by Boeing, and it ended up being the world’s biggest aircraft producer for 3 successive years.

Boeing’s 2021 shipment consisted of 263 Boeing 737 s, 32 Boeing 767 s, 24 Boeing 777 s, 14 Boeing 787 s, and 7 Boeing 747 airplane. The majority of Boeing’s shipments were led by Boeing 737 MAX jetliners, which regulators around the world had actually grounded for almost 2 years after a deadly crash in 2018 and another in 2019.

The circumstance is various concerning airplane orders: Boeing has 909 gross orders (535 web), while Airbus acquired 771 gross orders (507 web) in 2021.

Source: Boeing

Source: Boeing 2021 Aircraft Deliveries Surged

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