AutoFlight’s Prosperity I Performs Proof-of-Concept Transition Test Flight

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AutoFlight’s eVTOL, the Prosperity I, effectively carriedout a shift test flight, moving from vertical liftoff to horizontal flight and back to vertical movement for landing. (Photo: AutoFlight)

AutoFlight, a start-up establishing electrical vertical liftoff and landing (eVTOL) airplane, finished a proof-of-concept shift test flight with its Prosperity I last month. This test flight, which showed the airplane’s capability to relocation from vertical liftoff movement to horizontal flight, took location in Jiangsu, China, in AutoFlight’s flight test location.

The start-up is one of the veryfirst eVTOL business aroundtheworld to effectively total a shift flight—only one other 4-seater eVTOL airplane hasactually attained this. The airplane was unmanned throughout the flight test, however the automobile is developed to bring 3 guests in addition to a pilot.

The business hopes to attain manned flight accreditation in Europe by the year 2025, and finishing this shift flight was an essential turningpoint towards that objective. The Prosperity I eVTOL is being established for carrying travelers within cities, or for linking journeys inbetween 2 neighboring cities or airports. The business means for its services to ultimately expense the verysame as a taxi trip, and to offer the verysame level of security—as AutoFlight put it, “clean, safe, peaceful, and inexpensive air-borne transport for everybody.”

In the shift stage of AutoFlight’s test flight, “the rotors on the leading stopped spinning and locked in a structured position, while the props in the back pressed the airplane forward like a conventional fixed-wing aircraft,” according to the business. The CEO, Tian Yu, mentioned that the Prosperity I airplane was able to total the shift stage efficiently and securely.


Prosperity I is one of just 2 4-seater eVTOL airplane to date that haveactually finished a shift test flight. (Photo: AutoFlight)

AutoFlight Europe’s Managing Director, Mark Henning, commented on the engineering group’s self-confidence as they development in advancement of Prosperity I. “The simpleness of AutoFlight’s style lies in our trademarked ‘Lift and Cruise’ setup, which integrates exceptional variety and security with low technical intricacy, making it economical to manufacture, keep and run as an air taxi.”

Founding Partner Christian Koenig shared that the business strategies to make both manned and unmanned eVTOL airplane. One of the competitive benefits of Prosperity I is its setup which is less technically complex than others on the market. “The objective is to integrate a extremely easy however robust airplane setup, set that with an developed supply base, and [take advantage of] the production expenses in China,” he informed Avionics. In addition to working towards EASA accreditation by 2025, another long-lasting objective for the business is to get accreditations for all secret markets.

A video from AutoFlight including the shift test flight was simply launched by the business. According to the video, the airplane carryingout the test will be the last style of Prosperity I. AutoFlight’s airplane variety will be 250 kilometers and will have a travelling speed of 200 km per hour.


AutoFlight’s objective is to offer “clean, safe, peaceful, and costeffective air-borne transport for everybody.” (Photo: AutoFlight)

Source: AutoFlight’s Prosperity I Performs Proof-of-Concept Transition Test Flight.

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