Archer Signs Letter of Intent with Composites Supplier Hexcel


Archer Aviation and Hexcel signed a letter of intent relatingto a proposed relationship that would include Hexcel providing high-performance carbon fiber product for production of Archer’s eVTOL airplane. (Photo courtesy of Archer)

Archer Aviation revealed their objective to getin an arrangement with Hexcel, company of services in light-weight composites innovation. In the contract, Hexcel would supply Archer with high-performance carbon fiber product for production production airplane, a relationship comprehensive in the letter of intent signed last week. 

Archer’s goal is to develop a network of electrical vertical liftoff and landing (eVTOL) airplane in cities throughout the U.S. To accomplish this objective, the group requires to be able to manufacture their airplane at scale, a representative from Archer informed Avionics International in an emailed declaration. “An endeavor of this magnitude needs sophisticated products that are high in quality, fulfill our high security requirements, and lineup with our prepared airplane style. Hexcel’s high-performance carbon fiber and resin systems check all of these boxes for us, making them an perfect composites partner.”

Hexcel makes light-weight composite structures for industrial and military set wing airplane, helicopters, UAVs, and more. Hexcel has worked with many business in the airtravel sector, consistingof Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Sikorsky, SpaceX, and Lockheed Martin. (Photo courtesy of Hexcel)

Archer co-founder and co-CEO, Brett Adcock, mentioned in the business’s statement, “When picking a partner, our main focus was on security and quality. We were pleased by Hexcel’s track record in providing high-performance prepreg [carbon fiber and resin systems] products for the industrial aerospace market and their proactive technique to establishing cutting-edge products.” 

Hexcel’s Chairman, CEO, and President, Nick Stanage, mentioned that his group is looking forward to contributing to Archer’s efforts in bringing the brand-new innovation to market, “This is a great chance for Hexcel to signupwith with an ingenious leader such as Archer to bring eVTOL to market. By picking our leading light-weight composites, Archer assists enhance aerodynamics, security and quality in their airplane styles.”

Another benefit of partnering with Hexcel is the business’s experience with the accreditation requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration. Archer continues to work carefully with the FAA as it pursues accreditation. The FAA provided the eVTOL designer with a Special Airworthiness Certificate towards the end of2021 Shortly after, on December 16, Archer finished the veryfirst effective hover flight with its Maker airplane.

archer first flight 03

Archer’s Maker eVTOL airplane, visualized above, finished its veryfirst effective hover test in December2021 (Photo courtesy of Archer)

Following the hover flight test, the group at Archer Aviation is focused on growth of their flight screening envelope. Archer has formerly mentioned that they anticipate to reveal the production-ready airplane at the end of2022 Archer’s agent informed Avionics that the business will quickly release news  “about the development we’re seeing in all elements of our airplane and functional advancement strategies.” 

The proposed relationship inbetween Archer and Hexcel would include the usage of Hexcel’s prepreg products for making composite parts of Archer’s airplane. “We’re still in the early days of this collaboration, so we’re not able to share particular information at the minute,” specified the business’s representative. “We’re looking forward to sharing more about Archer’s overarching production strategies in the coming months.”

Source: Archer Signs Letter of Intent with Composites Supplier Hexcel.

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