50 years back, the United States and Soviet Union signed up with forces for science

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A hectic week for science in Moscow Science News, June 3, 1972

U.S. and Soviet leaders … signed contracts on area, science and innovation, health and the environment … The area contract … details prepare for cooperation in fields such as meteorology, research study of the natural surroundings, planetary expedition and area biology.


The 1972 area contract resulted in the very first worldwide human spaceflight, the Apollo-Soyuz objective, throughout which Soviet and U.S. teams interacted socially in area(SN: 7/ 26/75, p.52). Apollo-Soyuz motivated years of partnership that continues today on the International Space Station. Now, Russia’s war in Ukraine has actually triggered lots of nations to draw back on clinical undertakings with Russia, in area and in the world ( SN: 3/26/22, p. 6). While NASA stays dedicated to the spaceport station, the head of Russia’s area company has actually threatened to end the cooperation in retaliation for sanctions enforced in reaction to the war. Russia has yet to make relocate to desert the station, though the nation has actually stopped providing rocket engines to the United States.

Source: 50 years earlier, the United States and Soviet Union signed up with forces for science

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