17 TikTok Marketing Strategies (And Choosing A TikTok Advertisement Agency)

As the most popular social networks platform this year, TikTok has actually ended up being the go-to marketing tool for the majority of brand names. It’s essential to establish educated TikTok marketing methods to increase your returns on the platform.

17 TikTok Marketing Strategies:

How TikTok Gained Popularity

While it might look like this platform shot out of no place, its unique short-form video format was revealing huge capacity as far back as 2012, when the now-defunct platform Vine started to remove. Regardless of its problem with money making, Vine effectively took advantage of something the more youthful emerging generation was trying to find, and around the exact same time, the Chinese lip-syncing and dance-oriented video platform Musical.ly blew up too. When mobile app megacompany Bytedance saw the possible gains to be made from the increase in appeal of short-form video, they chose to acquire Musical.ly. Quickly afterwards, they had a significant rebrand, and TikTok was born. Bytedane has actually been a full-blown attack on the social networks market since.

Why Is TikTok Great For Marketing?

With its concentrate on brief, stylish videos, TikTok is the best platform for developing material that engages and amuses your target market. The platform is likewise continuously developing, which indicates there are constantly brand-new marketing chances. What’s more, TikTok has actually an extremely engaged user base, with users investing approximately89 minutes daily on the app. This makes TikTok the ideal home for online marketers, and it’s likewise among the simplest platforms for users to develop and share material.

” TikTok is now ranked as the fastest-growing social networks platform and its reach amongst 18 to 24- year-olds has actually increased tremendously. In 2021,373 million of its United States users came from Gen Z, and by 2025 this audience sector is set to grow to 48.8 million.”

As of 2022, TikTok had actually been downloaded over 3 billion times worldwide, with its biggest audiences based in the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil. For context, in between 2018 and 2021 TikTok had the ability to increase its month-to-month active users from 271 million to over 1 billion TikTok is now ranked as the fastest-growing social networks platform and its reach amongst 18 to 24- year-olds has actually increased tremendously. In 2021,373 million of its United States users came from Gen Z, and by 2025 this audience sector is set to grow to 48.8 million.

Is TikTok Effective For Marketing?

Those still questioning TikTok’s marketing capacity need to consider this: when you take into consideration TikTok’s use numbers, you can possibly get your brand name in front of112% of all individuals worldwide through TikTok advertisements in2022 Not too shoddy for a social networks platform that was just introduced in 2017.

TikTok offers an exceptionally effective method to construct brand name awareness. Even if users aren’t actively looking for your brand name on the platform, they’ll still see your material if it’s pertinent to them. This is thanks to TikTok’s algorithm, which learns more about users and their interests as they utilize the app and after that customizes their experience to match.

Overall, it’s clear that TikTok provides a substantial chance for online marketers. With terrific chance comes excellent duty, so it’s crucial to approach your TikTok marketing technique with care.

Thriving with a Strong TikTok Marketing Strategy

There’s no doubt that TikTok provides a big chance for online marketers and brand names to reach their target market in brand-new, interesting methods. For online marketers unknown with the platform, it might appear difficult to browse. What deal with other social networks platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, might not equate to TikTok, so it’s crucial to customize your material and method appropriately.

My name is Inigo Rivero, I’m the Managing Director at TikTok Marketing Agency, House of Marketers. To assist you browse this brand-new surface, I’ve assembled 17 of the very best TikTok marketing methods you require to understand. I talk about whatever, from picking the best material to choosing which metrics matter. These market insights and ideas will assist you release effective TikTok marketing methods for your organization.

The Ultimate 17 TikTok Marketing Strategies

TikTok is an excellent method to get in touch with future clients and construct super-engaged neighborhoods that enjoy your material, and your brand name. With so lots of tactical choices readily available, it can be hard to understand where to begin. That’s why we’ve created this guide on the very best TikTok marketing methods to assist you start.

1. Entertain & Inform When Advertising On TikTok

The essential to any effective marketing project is producing content that focuses on and resonates with your target market. And on TikTok, that indicates producing material that is amusing and helpful.

Think about the sort of material that you personally delight in viewing on the app. Opportunities are, it’s most likely interesting or mentally provoking, and it’s more than likely relatable. This is the type of material that you must intend to develop whenever you get in TikTok. It’s everything about making your audience feel that contemporary connection with your brand name.

It’s exceptionally crucial to supply users with worth and info in the middle of the home entertainment. Doing so will assist you to develop your brand name as a source of quality material and get the trust of your target market.

2. Make Use Of The Best TikTok Influencers & Creators

TikTok is an excellent platform for influencer marketing. TikTok users are most likely to rely on the suggestions of influencers than on Instagram, due to the fact that of how genuine and relatable 99% of material on the platform feels. Brand names have no much better connection with their audience, anywhere aside from on TikTok. What’s more, influencer marketing on TikTok can be really cost-efficient, making it more of a budget-friendly alternative for numerous small companies.

” Micro-influencer methods can likewise be an extremely efficient method to promote your brand name while adhering to a tighter budget plan. By dealing with a broader choice of developers who have a smaller sized however active base of fans, you’ll have the ability to make the most out of your advertisement invest.”

Inigo Rivero, House of Marketers firm

To get the most out of your TikTok influencer marketing efforts, deal with the most prominent developers in your specific niche. Try to find those with engaged followings, who can produce top quality material that’s appropriate to your brand name. Micro-influencer techniques can likewise be an extremely reliable method to promote your brand name while adhering to a tighter budget plan. By dealing with a larger choice of developers who have a smaller sized however active base of fans, you’ll have the ability to reach an extremely target market while decreasing your advertisement invest.

3. Partner With A Top TikTok Advertisement Agency

Navigating the world of TikTok can appear difficult, particularly when you’re not a platform user yourself. That’s one reason partnering with a leading TikTok advertising agency can assist take a few of the pressure off. What’s more, by dealing with a skilled group, you’ll lose less time attempting to determine what deal with the platform and can focus more on opposites of your service. TikTok companies use more versatility with jobs, as opposed to employing brand-new workers, which you might not need throughout particular weeks or months.

TikTok advertising agency have first-hand experience to assist you develop the best mix of advertisement types on the platform. They assist guarantee that your project efficiencies are as optimised as possible. When picking a TikTok advertisement company, it’s essential to think about a couple of components. This includes their track record, knowledge, and the outcomes they’ve accomplished for other customers. We’ll shed more light on this later on in the post (after the 17 th suggestion).

4. Scale Quickly With TikTok Ads

TikTok permits smaller sized services to scale their projects rapidly and successfully. The platform mentions that increasing your marketing budget plan does not always suggest greater ROI. If you’re aiming to scale rapidly, it’s more vital that you comprehend your target market, what they’re searching for, and how to reach them.

However, because TikTok’s algorithm will compute those who are probably to transform, hyper-segmentation might hurt your project. Develop more comprehensive audience classifications and let the platform do the work for you.

5. Guarantee Your Content Is Fit For TikTok

TikTok is an extremely various platform from other social networks websites. It’s crucial to make sure that your material is fit for the app.

For example, the optimum video length for a video on TikTok is normally thought about to be in between21 and 34 seconds One in 4 of the greatest carrying out TikTok videos suits this classification, so it’s absolutely worth thinking about when developing your material. TikTok videos likewise have their own specific niche modifying design, which can be really various from what’s popular on other platforms. This consists of things like text-to-speech voiceovers, smooth shifts, filters, and imaginative usage of trending video formats.

It implies that while some material might be drawn from other projects and repurposed for TikTok, it’s typically much better to produce TikTok initial material from the start. If something does not deal with TikTok, it will encounter as out of location and might not resonate with your target market.

6. Usage Spark Ads – They Help Convert More

While all of TikTok’s advertisement types can be reliable in promoting your brand name, Spark Ads stick out as a particularly effective option. This native advertisement format permits you to utilize your own natural material (or influencer material) to develop in-feed ads that target your specific niche audience. Given that these advertisements can be published from your brand name account, you get to keep all your likes, remarks, and shares on the very same brand name account.

For lots of brand names, Spark Ads are their preferred advertisement type on the platform due to their flexibility and tested conversion rate.

7. Pick The Right Advertisement Type For Your Brand

When establishing your TikTok marketing methods think about that there are presently 5 advertisement types on TikTok. These are:

  1. TopView
  2. Brand Takeover
  3. In-Feed Video Ads
  4. Branded Effects
  5. Branded Hashtags

Within these advertisement formats, there are various choices to pick from in regards to length, material, and design. The very best advertisement type for your brand name will depend upon a number of aspects, including your budget plan, your target market, and your brand name identity. As a basic guideline, video advertisements tend to carry out much better than fixed advertisements when it comes to conversion.

This is partially since video advertisements are normally much easier for customers to engage with and are frequently more remarkable. It’s likewise since video advertisements are developed to be belonging to the platform, making them most likely to catch the attention of your target market.

8. Test, Test, Test

As with any social networks platform, it’s essential to check various material types, advertisement types, target market, and budget plans to see what works best for your brand name.

TikTok supplies a great deal of innovative liberty, so there are several variables that you can check to see what gets the very best outcomes for your projects. You might attempt a variety of various material designs, video lengths, and advertisement types to see what gets you the very best outcomes. You might experiment with various target audience sectors to see who engages most with your brand name. You can make little tweaks to your budget plan or advertisement invest to see how it affects your outcomes.

9. Usage TikTok Insights To Optimise Your Campaigns

TikTok supplies some thorough analytics tools that can assist you to optimise your projects and accomplish much better outcomes. The platform’s Insights tool lets you see your most popular videos, leading fans, and group details for your target market. This can assist you to find what does and does not operate in your projects. As an outcome, you can optimise your future promos for even much better outcomes.

10 Thoroughly Align Your Campaign Objectives

When producing your TikTok marketing methods, it’s essential to stabilize your project goals with your organization goals. If you’re running an action-based advertising campaign, your bidding goals ought to be lined up with what you’re attempting to attain with your projects.

There are 7 primary bidding goals on TikTok. These are reach, app installs, app occasion optimisation (AEO), video views, conversion, brochure sales, and list building. There are likewise 4 primary bidding methods readily available on TikTok. These are Cost per Thousand Views (CPV), Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Mille/ Thousand Impressions (CPM), and Optimised Cost per Mille/ Thousand Impressions (oCPM).

Depending on your project goal, you will require to thoroughly choose the best bidding method and platform goal, so that you can get the most efficient outcomes.

11 Attempt Using TikTok’s Self-Serve Advertisement Platform

If you’re running a small company or you’re brand-new to social networks marketing, you may wish to attempt utilizing TikTok’s self-serve advertisement platform. It’s developed for smaller sized services, and it provides you the capability to produce and run your own advertising campaign without the requirement for a TikTok marketing firm.

To utilize the self-serve advertisement platform, just produce an account and after that follow the triggers to develop and introduce your advertisements. This is a fantastic method to find out the essentials of social networks marketing and test out what works best for your brand name on TikTok.

12 Reserve Enough Budget For At Least 50 Conversions

If you’re running an action-based project on TikTok, reserved sufficient budget plan to get at least 50 conversions, so you can surpass the knowing stage.

TikTok’s algorithms require a minimum of 50 conversions prior to they can begin to optimise your projects for outcomes. Once they have 50 conversions, they can much better anticipate who is probably to transform. The algorithm will then begin to reveal your advertisements to more individuals who resemble the ones that have actually currently transformed.

13 Usage TikTok Pixels

TikTok pixels are little pieces of code that you can contribute to your site to track the visitors who have actually clicked through an advertisement on TikTok to get to your website. It will then track how they communicate with your website and permit you to see which advertisements are carrying out well. By collecting this vital information, you’ll have the ability to find what type of client section is more than likely to carry out a particular action on your website, and recalibrate your TikTok advertisements to target your most appealing audience sectors.

To establish TikTok pixels, merely login to your TikTok Business account and browse to Library > Website Pixel > Manage. From here, Click ‘Create Pixel’. This will produce the code that you can by hand contribute to your site.

14 Attempt TikTok Creative Tools

TikTok has a variety of various imaginative tools that you can utilize to make your advertisements more appealing and efficient. This consists of:

  • Video Templates – TikTok video design templates use a method to quickly put together an advertisement video utilizing a pre-supplied design template. You can submit the possessions such as text and images, and after that pick the design, and design template that you desire. It does not simply conserve you time however likewise enables you to produce a professional-looking end product with really little video modifying understanding.
  • Smart Video – TikTok’s Smart Video tool utilizes AI to evaluate your possessions (video, images, text) and produce a video that finest matches the design of your brand name. All you require to do is publish your properties, and after that let TikTok’s AI do the work. It will even select suitable background music for you.
  • Landing Page to Video – This TikTok video production tool enables you to merely offer your landing page link and after that TikTok will immediately take the properties on your page and transform it into a video format.

In a world where individuals are bombarded with marketing messages every day, it’s difficult to stand apart from the crowd. What sets TikTok apart is its level of credibility and reliability.

15 Credibility & Vulnerability Are Key

If you desire your TikTok advertisements to be effective, it’s essential to concentrate on credibility and vulnerability. In a world where individuals are bombarded with marketing messages every day, it’s tough to stick out from the crowd. What sets TikTok apart is its level of credibility and reliability. Individuals on TikTok react well to advertisements that feel genuine and relatable. This suggests they’re most likely to engage with your brand name in a significant method.

When producing your advertising campaign, concentrate on being genuine and susceptible. Share your brand name’s story in a manner that is relatable and sincere. This will assist you construct a much deeper connection with your audience and drive more conversions.

16 Develop A Community with TikTok Business Profile Content

TikTok is more than simply a marketing platform. You require to construct a neighborhood with TikTok organization profile material. It’s an effective social media that permits you to construct a neighborhood around your brand name’s character. By frequently sharing natural material that your neighborhood eagerly anticipates, you can continue broadening your audience. It’s one of the most sustainable and efficient methods to win more clients and turn them into supporters who bring your message everywhere, more extending the reach of your brand name. Purchase the future, today.

17 Feeling is your Biggest Tool on TikTok

Focus on stimulating feeling in individuals to increase the effect of your TikTok advertisements. Since of its brief video format and concentrate on quick engagement, TikTok is the ideal platform for emotionally-charged material.

To take advantage of feeling in your advertisements. Concentrate on informing motivating stories that resonate with your audience. Promote your brand name’s worths and objective in an emotive method. And concentrate on developing advertisements that are aesthetically impactful and remarkable.

How To Pick A Top TikTok Agency

1. Choose a TikTok firm that really concentrates on TikTok

There are many companies that have actually included TikTok as an extra service, however they do not in fact specialise in it. You do not desire a jack of all trades when it pertains to marketing on TikTok. You desire a partner that understands the ins and the outs of the platform, and focuses on the platform day in, day out. Yes, it can be appealing to have a firm that handles every platform – however when it concerns TikTok, you truly require to discover experts in TikTok influencers and TikTok advertisements. The audience is so various, the method they act on the app is so various, and the material needed is so special.

An advertising agency that specialises in TikTok will have innovative groups and project supervisors who have a much deeper understanding of TikTok’s algorithms, patterns, and user behaviour. Their entire group concentrates on TikTok every day and for that reason has a lot more of an affinity and understanding of the platform. You wish to deal with a group that makes your audience feel that real psychological connection with your brand name, every day.

2. Deal with individuals that have actually shown experience in running extremely scaled TikTok influencer & TikTok advertising campaign.

It’s crucial to deal with a TikTok marketing company that has a tested performance history of running effective influencer and advertising campaign on TikTok, at scale. When examining possible companies, ask to see case research studies of previous work. This will provide you an excellent concept of their abilities and whether they’re an excellent suitable for your brand name.

3. Make certain they’ve operated in your market prior to.

You wish to deal with a company that comprehends your market and can supply insights that will assist your project prosper. Ask to see case research studies of previous work. Ask their account supervisors about any industry-specific obstacles they may have dealt with. If they have not operated in your field prior to, they may not be the very best company for you.

4. Ensure they can scale internationally and have a multi-lingual group.

If you’re intending on running an international project, you require to deal with a firm that can scale. Make certain they have a group of account supervisors and creatives who are comfy dealing with customers of all various backgrounds, cultures, and languages. This will assist guarantee that your advertisements feel genuine and pertinent despite the audience.

5. Working with the most affordable TikTok advertisements management services isn’t constantly an excellent concept.

When it concerns selecting a firm, many individuals take the path of opting for the most inexpensive alternative. In truth, you get what you pay for. If you wish to run an effective project, it’s worth purchasing a quality company. Try to find a firm that has a great credibility with a performance history of offering top quality services.

6. Ask for referrals or have a look at their site reviews.

When you’re thinking about a company, ask for referrals. This will assist you get a much better concept of their work principles and whether they’re an excellent suitable for your brand name. You can likewise take a look at their site reviews to see what other customers have actually stated about their services.

7. If you’re targeting Generation Z, make certain they have Generation Z on their group.

If you’re targeting Generation Z on TikTok, deal with a firm that has members of Generation Z on its group. They will comprehend your audience and what interest them. They can likewise supply insights that will assist you much better engage with this market on TikTok.

Your 17 TikTok Marketing Strategies and 7 Tips for Choosing A TikTok Advertisement Agency

We hope that this short article has actually changed your understanding of TikTok, and why brand names are quickly moving their budget plans to the platform. We’re in an essential duration in social networks marketing, and we anticipate the flame that TikTok has actually lit, to stay for several years, and we anticipate that as their information boosts, so will the efficiency of projects on TikTok. Brands investing cash into the platform now will be at a tactical benefit in the future years. To get ahead as rapidly as possible, we advise recognizing an effective TikTok Advertisement Agency that can support your brand name’s development on the platform.

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