12 Elevator Pitch Examples + How to Write Your Own

It can take place anywhere. Throughout a networking occasion, a possibility conference, an interview. That feared concern. “What do you do?” How do you react? If you have an elevator pitch, you currently understand what you’re going to state. For the rest people, the ones who all of a sudden forget whatever about ourselves when asked a basic concern, we’ve assembled some terrific elevator pitch examples you can adjust and customize for your own business or individual brand name.

Of course, finding out how to compose your own elevator pitch is a helpful tool. We’re going to stroll you through a simple method to craft the best, concise elevator pitch that will have you sounding like the expert you are. Prior to we dive in, though, let’s ensure all of us comprehend what we’re discussing when we state “elevator pitch.”

12 Elevator Pitch Examples + How to Write Your Own:

What Is an Elevator Pitch?

An elevator pitch is a brief– 30–60 seconds– description of who you are and what you do. It’s not a sales pitch, however rather an invite to continue the discussion. While you wish to flaunt the advantages of getting in touch with you, you never ever desire the listener to feel offered to. If somebody is getting your elevator pitch, it’s most likely a bit too early for all that.

How Long Should Your Elevator Pitch Be?

So, for how long should your elevator pitch be? We currently discussed a variety– 30–60 seconds– and we suggest that you keep it closer to the 30- 2nd mark. The length of time your elevator pitch winds up being will likely depend upon the scenario you’re in and who you’re pitching. You may even wish to have a number of elevator pitches up your sleeve, one longer and one much shorter.

If you’re having problem condensing your information to simply 30 seconds, ensure that you’re pitching to the best individuals. An elevator pitch is actually planned to be provided to those who currently have some understanding of what it is that you do and the market in which you work. You’re not informing Aunt Sally about your task? You’re informing other specialists who are at least tangentially linked to your specific niche or market.

Of course, an elevator pitch can likewise be a terrific thing to have on hand for those times when you’re asked “so, what is it that you do?” at that celebration or household reunion. Simply make certain to have responses prepared for any follow-up concerns.

When You’ll Use Your Elevator Pitch

There are a number of times and locations when you’re particular to utilize your elevator pitch. If you’re at a networking occasion, nearly without stop working, the concern asked after intros is either “inform me about yourself” or “what do you do?” And after that the other individual asks, due to the fact that it’s respectful. Beyond networking occasions, you might discover yourself offering your elevator pitch to others at your business with whom you do not normally link. Having the ability to rapidly share the worth that you give the group can assist others see you as gathered and polished. Simply put, worth listening to.

For influencers, your elevator pitch is going to be important when satisfying prospective customers and even when doing your task as an influencer. Simply think of the number of times you’ve seen a brand name takeover in which the influencer began with “Hey everybody! I’m So-and-so who does this thing and I’ll be taking control of this brand name’s social networks for the day. Join me!” Having an elevator pitch all set to go makes that intro truly simple.

Essentially, your elevator pitch can be utilized anytime you require to rapidly and effectively inform individuals who you are, what you do, the worth you bring, and what you desire them to do with the info you’re providing.

12 Elevator Pitch Examples

Now that we’re all clear about what an elevator pitch is, the length of time they must be, and when you may utilize them, it’s time to enter into the list of elevator pitch examples we’ve chosen from the web. Here are a couple of outstanding elevator pitch examples you can utilize to develop your own.

1. Lead With a Question

” Has your employer every asked you to ‘run a fast report’ simply as you’re counting down the last seconds of the day? Obviously you state ‘yes’– it’s your manager, after all– however you understand that ‘a fast report’ is never ever really fast. The creators of my business, XYZ, were continuously handling this issue as marketing executives. They developed a tool that puts all your information in a single location and produces customized, special reports within 30 seconds. Normally less.”

Why it works:

This elevator pitch begins with a concern about a circumstance that the majority of people in company will have come across. This gets buy-in from your listener. They feel this discomfort and keep listening to discover how you manage it.

2. Make It Personal

” My name is Jane Doe, and I run a logistics business. It’s a family-owned organization, and we believe an individual method makes a substantial distinction to our clients. That’s why we ensure on-time shipment. And why my father and I address the phones personally, rather of depending on an automatic system.”

Why it works:

You’re informing the listener that you value your clients. You value them a lot, in truth, that your family-owned organization is responded to by the real individuals who supervise. This kind of individual attention makes sure to be discovered and kept in mind. You can utilize this angle with anything that considers that warm, small company, “consumer precedes” feel.

3. End With a Question

” Hey there! Thanks for revealing interest in our services! XYZ is a tech recruitment business, assisting companies similar to yours source the very best tech skill and assisting tech experts discover the best positions for them. Since in 2015, we’ve effectively assisted fill more than 2000 open tech tasks– simply for Michigan and Indiana! This year, we’re broadening into Wisconsin and Ohio and are enjoyed have the ability to supply a bigger swimming pool of chances for tech companies and specialists. How does your business presently hire?”

Why it works:

As you ‘d picture, this is an elevator pitch that would be a fantastic follow-up with individuals who’ve revealed interest in your business, either by connecting to you face to face or from another location. Here, you’re sharing information about what you can do and how you can assist along with ending with a concern to engage them in additional discussion.

4. Develop Authority

” As an account officer for XYZ, I talk with numerous online marketers monthly. And 99% of them dislike producing reports. They state it’s lengthy, tiresome, and typically not an extremely high top priority. Which’s where our tool can be found in. It pulls from all of your information to produce any report you require. And in less time than it requires to put a cup of coffee.”

Why it works:

With this elevator pitch, you’re letting listeners understand that you’ve done your research study. This sets you up as an authority on your subject and makes it a lot more fascinating to individuals who need to know that they’re handling somebody “in the understand.”

5. Highlight How You Can Help

” Nice to fulfill you! I’m Jane Doe, a material strategist who works particularly with health and health leaders worldwide. I’ve dealt with significant brand names like ABC, DEF, and GHI, leading to a 200% boost in traffic and a 20 percent boost in conversions. I see a chance to develop an SEO-driven material technique for your business and would like to establish a call to chat. Are you readily available tomorrow at 11 AM?”

Why it works:

This is among the elevator pitch examples that you ‘d utilize after you’ve made the effort to discover a bit about the individual you’re talking with. You’re supplying exceptional information and stats about how you’ve assisted other companies like theirs and are ending with a call-to-action(the invite to chat).

6. Offer Yourself

” Hi, I’m Jane. I’m so pleased to be here. I finished with a degree in company administration 7 years back and ever since have actually held positions as an administrative assistant, sales representative, and for the last 3 years, sales supervisor. At this moment, I’ve handled small-sized groups rather effectively– we constantly fulfill or surpass our sales targets. I ‘d like to advance in this location and start handling a bigger group. This position appears like the ideal opportunity to do that.”

Why it works:

This elevator pitch example is better suited for a task interview or profession fair. Here you’re sharing your experience and success in addition to providing the listener insight into your desire to continue growing and enhancing.

7. Be a Little Sassy

” You wish to know the number of leads ended up being clients from your webinar versus your trade convention cubicle. Just consumers who purchased 2 or more items and weren’t currently in your database. The length of time would it take you to develop that report with your present system? If you had XYZ, our information and reporting tool, you ‘d currently have your response. It develops those important reports in seconds.”

Why it works:

Being a little sassy can be an advantage, as long as you do not come off as conceited. With this elevator pitch example, you’re able to be a bit saucy without treating your listener as though they’re flawed or incorrect in some way. Utilizing humor and a little bit of sass is a fantastic method to keep your elevator pitch easy going and relatable.

8. Request What You Want

” Hi, I’m Jane Doe, a journalism graduate. For the previous year, I’ve been covering political news for XYZ and have actually had 2 viewpoint essays released at the distinguished ABC. I appreciate your work, specifically your election protection. I ‘d enjoy to talk with you about the possibility of a mentorship. I’ve been dealing with a book and your assistance and viewpoint would suggest a lot to me.”

Why it works:

This elevator pitch example is ideal for asking for mentorship. You begin by developing authority and trustworthiness, share why you’re interested in this particular individual, and after that straight request for what you desire from the relationship. This example can quickly be customized when trying to find customers and even tasks.

9. Get Attention With a Ridiculously Specific Stat

” Your marketing group will invest about 8,730 minutes every year creating reports. Each. Just how much cash do you believe you could conserve if you took that lengthy jobs off their list with XYZ, a reporting tool that instantly pulls your information into an easy-to-read (and send out) control panel? We’ve assisted business much like yours conserve countless dollars each year and enhance running effectiveness.”

Why it works:

This is a bit more salesy than our other elevator pitch examples, however it’s an excellent alternative for those times when you’ve learnt more about your possibility a bit more. You get their attention with a really particular figure that drives house the requirement for your service or product and after that share how you’ve assisted other business like theirs to get them believing.

10 Share a Customer Story

” Jane Doe, an online marketer at ABC, utilized to invest 30 minutes every day by hand running reports. Considering that she began utilizing XYZ, that time has actually decreased to simply 4 minutes. And she’s running two times as lots of reports because time. Our tool assists Jane respond to any concern on her (or her employer’s) mind near quickly. If you’re curious, I ‘d enjoy to share more.”

Why it works:

With this elevator pitch example, you’re highlighting the effect your item has actually had on a particular consumer. This can make the effect of your item feel more genuine to the listener and assist them imagine how you might assist them, too.

11 Utilize a Specific Example

” Every single day, the typical marketing expert invests half an hour assembling reports. And the majority of the time the reports are hardly offered a look. XYZ, a reporting tool that shops all of your information from every tool your organization utilizes, can be a game-changer. You actually simply key in the report you desire. ‘a bar chart revealing earnings from every lead source in the previous month.’ You’ll have your report in under 30 seconds.”

Why it works:

Using particular examples of what your item can do is a terrific method to drive house the power of your item. In this elevator pitch example, you’re attending to the discomfort of running lengthy reports while likewise letting listeners understand that there’s an option for them in the kind of your item.

12 Get It Done In a Single Line

” XYZ conserves online marketers time by removing the laborious procedure of collecting information and assembling reports so you can develop gorgeous and educational reports in less than 30 seconds.”

Why it works:

It’s succinct and to the point. There’s no misinterpreting what your item does and how it can assist. Plus, it serves as an outstanding jumping-off point for extra discussion.

How to Write Your Own Elevator Pitch

Keeping things brief and succinct can be tough. Here’s a fast design template you can utilize to make developing the best elevator pitch a bit simpler.

  • Introduce yourself. Share 1– 2 sentences about who you are and who you work for.
  • Summarize what you do. Share a quick summary (once again, 1– 2 sentences) about what you do and for what audience.
  • Tell them what you desire. This may alter depending upon how and when you’re utilizing your elevator pitch. It’s the ask.
  • Close with a call-to-action. Close your elevator pitch with a concern or invite.

Be Ready to Wow With a Brilliant Elevator Pitch

With an elevator pitch, you’ll never ever be stuck questioning how to react when asked what you do. Utilizing the elevator pitch examples we’ve shared here, together with the design template to compose your own, you have whatever you require to develop your own remarkable pitch that will successfully share what you do and how you can assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a brief description of who you are and what you do. It’s not a sales pitch, however rather a method to share the advantages of getting in touch with you and extend the discussion.

How long should my elevator pitch be?

Aim for 30–60 seconds (approximately 75–150 words). You may take advantage of having 2 elevator pitches– one long and one brief.

When should I utilize my elevator pitch?

There are a variety of locations you’ll utilize an elevator pitch:

Networking occasions

Career fairs


Speaking occasions

In your own business

… and a lot more

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