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American College Of OB-GYNs Bans Pro-Life Doctors From Conference After They Show Up

The nation’s largest obstetricians and gynecologists professional organization can’t defend their pro-abortion positions against public opinion or science, so they banned pro-life doctors from sharing science-based information about life in the womb at their annual education conference. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) confirmed to The Federalist on Tuesday that it barred members

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New Video And Audio Of Paul Pelosi Attack Raise So Many Questions

Video footage and the 911 call related to the highly weird Paul Pelosi beating from October were released Friday, so the whole thing is a little less mysterious in that we now know the former House speaker’s husband’s attacker really did break into the Pelosi home using a hammer on a glass door and Paul

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Ocean Health Now!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jenny Carrington, Founder at We Are Mother Earth (818) 200-9138 [email protected] Ocean Health Now! 15 YR OLD HAND PAINTS SURFBOARD FOR OCEAN HEALTH, ASKS JAPAN TO THINK OF THE YOUTH AND RECONSIDER 01/23/2023 – In April 2021, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) in Japan announced its plans to initiate a pipeline dump of Fukushima’s radioactive wastewater into the Pacific Ocean. On September 22, 2022, a group of the foremost nuclear and marine scientists appointed as a

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Zelensky’s Groveling PR Offensive Hits The DC Uniparty’s Sweet Spot

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been repeatedly compared to Winston Churchill. The comedian-turned-politician is not the avatar of democracy that his legion of American admirers think he is, let alone this generation’s savior of Western civilization. But it’s doubtful that Churchill’s star addresses to joint sessions of Congress during the Second World War were received

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Don’t Make Me Throw Away Your Christmas Card

We probably don’t know each other so I’m not expecting to receive a Christmas greeting card. But if you planned on sending one anyway, be sure, at minimum, to make it out to me and sign your name in handwriting. Otherwise it’s immediately going in the trash. I’m not joking. Unsigned, non-personalized greeting cards are

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RNC Sues Flint, Michigan For Stacking Polls With Democrat Workers Ahead Of Key Midterm Election

The Republican National Committee has filed a lawsuit against the city of Flint, Michigan, for failing to hire an equal number of poll workers from each of the two major political parties in preparation for the midterm elections. Michigan law requires election officials appoint an equal number “of election inspectors in each election precinct from each

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Lawsuit: Wisconsin Elections Commission Let Electors Change Votes After Submitting Ballots

Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE) filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) last week over its unlawful guidance allowing absentee voters to change their votes after their ballots are cast. In an Aug. 1, 2022, memorandum sent to all Wisconsin municipal clerks, WEC instructed that after a voter submits an absentee ballot, he

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McConnell Sounds Like He Wants To Abandon A Ship Rick Scott Wants To Captain

Republican senators are set to face two options this January. The first: a GOP Senate minority led by longtime leader Sen. Mitch McConnell. The second: a Republican majority, led by Florida Sen. Rick Scott. Theirs is a fight that’s been publicly brewing since (at least) McConnell’s December declaration that there would be no 2022 GOP

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It’s Not A ‘Loophole’ Just Because Dems Don’t Like It

While peddling the ludicrously named “Inflation Reduction Act” on CNN this past weekend, Joe Manchin claimed that Democrats were merely trying to “close the loopholes and collect the taxes that are owed to the Treasury and the United States people.” In Washington, a “loophole” is a euphemism for a perfectly legal policy that Democrats have

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