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Tickets Now Available for the Grow Stack Drive CREATE Conference, January 28th-29th in Atlanta!

The GROW STACK DRIVE CREATE CONFERENCE is the #1 Entrepreneur Conference in the Southea


January 28th-29th, Atlanta, GA – The GROW STACK DRIVE CREATE CONFERENCE is the #1 Entrepreneur Conference in the Southeast for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and business owners who have a passion for living meaningful lives.

Crush limiting beliefs, create winning strategies, and learn to champion leadership cultures when you attend the CREATE conference in Atlanta!

GROW STACK DRIVE (GSD) is a community of entrepreneurs unwilling to let limiting beliefs hold them back from genuine, authentic transformation. People who attend GSD Bootcamps events leave with a new passion and clarity for their personal, professional, and financial goals that lead to explosive growth.

The founder of Grow Stack Drive, Ken Joslin, describes CREATE as “Growth Con mixed with the old Catalyst Conference in ATLANTA.” They’re expecting 350-650 attendees this year, which will make this a much more personalized event, allowing attendees to train and learn from 20 world-class leaders!

A limited number of tickets are still available, but they’re selling out quickly. 

Ken Joslin 

Ken is the Founder and CEO of the Ken Joslin Group and GROW STACK DRIVE. Ken is a Pastor turned Coach and seasoned real estate professional. Ken Joslin is a driven leader who has $250 million in real estate transactions to his credit.

John Maxwell

John C. Maxwell is an internationally renowned speaker, leadership expert, and author with over 19 million books sold. He is the creator of EQUIP and the John Maxwell Company.

Jesse Itzler

Jesse Itzler, an owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, may be found at games when he’s not running ultra-marathons, eating vegan food, or being an awesome dad to his four children.

David Meltzer

Mr. Meltzer is the Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing and a former CEO of the revered Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire.

David Pollack

In June 2009, ESPN hired David Pollack, a former NFL player, as a college football analyst. In addition, the Pollack Family Foundation raises funds to educate people about the advantages of nutrition and exercise.

Hue Jackson

Hue Jackson, who previously served as head coach of the Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders, now runs The Hue Jackson Foundation, which empowers and provides hope to victims of Human Trafficking.

Brian Covey

Brian Covey, the Best Selling Author, Wealth Advisor, and Top-Rated Podcast host, has perfected the art of a growth mentality, winning, and staying in shape. He believes in integration and health above all else.

Jen Gottlieb

Co-founder and Chief Mindset Officer at Super Connector Media, a renowned PR firm, uses her decade of performance and mindset expertise to assist entrepreneurs in connecting with the media.

Anthony Trucks

Anthony Trucks is a professional speaker, author, consultant, coach, Former-NFL player, and life coach. Anthony gives you the tools to trust your hustle so that you can live an unexpected life.

Brent Gove

Brent Gove is committed to educating and inspiring real estate professionals, not just to be excellent salespeople through eXp Realty’s platform, but becoming an owner as well!

Gary Brecka

With more than 20 years of expertise in Bio-Hacking and functional medicine, Gary Brecka is particularly interested in the body’s function and performance. Gary is devoted to helping people achieve peak function. 

Brad Blazar

As part of a worldwide coaching company, Brad Blazar mentors individuals worldwide to attract high net worth investors to purchase, grow, or finance a specific project like real estate.

Ivan Anz

Ivan Anz is a big believer in the power of entrepreneurship. He creates companies and initiatives that have the potential to improve society significantly. Ivan has been named in Inc 500 three years in a row (2019, 2020, & 2021). Ivan owns companies on three continents.

Craig Siegel

While people may not be broken, Craig Siegel believes that their frames often are. As a result, he transforms their world map and refocuses their mindset, resulting in remarkable progress in every area of life.

Mike Ashabi

As the CEO of True Life Ventures, Mike Ashabi has coached hundreds of clients and helped them build sustainability and scalability strategies within their businesses.

Randy Garn

Randy Garn is a New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, Partner at High-Performance Institute, Operating Partner at Tamarak Capital, and Entrepreneur Magazine contributor.

Mallisa J Vogel

Mallisa J Vogel has taken on the world and numerous personal and medical challenges to become the genuinely inspiring, inspirational, and dedicated leader she is today.

Russ Yeager

Russ Yeager is a body, health, and life transformation specialist who helps men and women create a life they love in all areas by first obtaining the body, health, and vitality they desire.

Daniel Gomez

Daniel Gomez is an award-winning keynote speaker, business coach, executive coach, corporate trainer, and podcast of the year winner. Daniel has spoken and trained at events all around the world!


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