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Sending 1.84 petabits of data per second via a fiber-optic cable over a distance of 7.9 km

Graphical abstract. Credit: Nature Photonics (2022). DOI: 10.1038/s41566-022-01082-z A team of researchers with members from several institutions in Denmark, Sweden and Japan has developed a means for sending 1.84 petabits of data per second via a fiber-optic cable over 7.9 km. Their report is published in Nature Photonics. As applications used across the internet mature

Novel spectrum sensing technique for 6G-oriented, intelligent IoT communications

Schematic diagram of downlink hybrid IoT sensing scene and an illustration for frequency band occupancy status. Credit: SARI With the explosive growth of the spectrum demand of the Internet of Things (IoT), Non-orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) and spectrum sensing are considered key candidate technologies to improve spectrum utilization in next-generation wireless communications technology. However, given

The nation’s fastest community-wide internet? New 25-gig service launches at $1,500 per month

Credit: CC0 Public Domain It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s the nation’s fastest community-wide internet service, and it’s making its way to a Tennessee city and convention center. EPB, an internet, TV, phone and energy company in Chattanooga, has launched a community-wide, 25-gigabits-per-second internet service. The service will be available to all residential and

Feds: $401M will add high-speed internet to rural US places

Carl Roath, left, a worker with the Mason County (Wash.) Public Utility District, pulls fiber optic cable off of a spool, as he works with a team to install broadband internet service to homes in a rural area surrounding Lake Christine near Belfair, Wash., on Aug. 4, 2021. Federal officials announced plans Thursday, July 28

Researchers discover novel, cost-effective way to harness satellite signals

Image produced by (a) SelfieStick1 Satellite, (b) SelfieStick10 Satellites, (c) Bulky Weather Antenna. Credit: Carnegie Mellon University Electrical and Computer Engineering For decades, satellites have helped meteorologists forecast weather, offer cable, television, and radio providers a way to relay signals to their customers, and provide scientists with a tool to gather data for various types

Efficient satellite downlink with a Ka band dual circular polarization transmitter

Credit: Tokyo Tech Low earth orbit (LEO) satellites are being increasingly used for environmental monitoring of the earth, as well as for logistic purposes, such as the navigation of maritime vessels. The data transmitted from the satellite terminals to the receivers on Earth, known as “downlink,” is steadily increasing and, as a result, requires new

AT&T rolls out cutting-edge 911 call tracking technology

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain When someone calls 911, seconds matter. That’s why the first question a 911 dispatcher asks is, “What is the address of the emergency?” A decade ago, if someone called and didn’t know the address, emergency call centers would send out police officers with their sirens on and tell the caller, “Tell

Verizon, AT&T delay some 5G service over airlines’ concerns

A JetBlue passenger flight lands at Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Va., across the Potomac River from Washington, Wed., Jan. 19, 2022. On Friday, June 17, 2022, federal regulators said Verizon and AT&T will delay part of their 5G rollout near airports to give airlines more time to ensure that equipment on their planes…

Introducing a transceiver that can tap into the higher frequency bands of 5G networks

Credit: Tokyo Tech 5G networks are becoming more prevalent worldwide. Many consumer devices that support 5G are already benefiting from increased speeds and lower latency. However, some frequency bands allocated for 5G are not effectively utilized owing to technological limitations. These frequency bands include the New Radio (NR) 39 GHz band, but actually span from…

Space-enabled system to digitalize airspace goes global

Engineers are shown testing Iris equipment to exchange messages in real-time with a flight control facility from a Cessna plane, which took off from Amsterdam Schiphol airport and flew over the Netherlands and the North Sea for three hours to test the system’s connection. Credit: European Space Agency A space-enabled system to help clear congested…

‘Beam-steering’ technology takes mobile communications beyond 5G

The beam-steering antenna technology has been developed to increase the efficiency of fixed base station antenna at 5G (mmWave) and 6G, and can also be adapted for vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, vehicular radar, and satellite communications. Credit: University of Birmingham Birmingham scientists have revealed a new beam-steering antenna that increases the efficiency of data transmission for ‘beyond…

Sustainable connectivity in space

Artists impression of a OneWeb satellite to be deorbited at the end of its active lifetime. Credit: OneWeb The world’s first mission to remove several small telecommunications satellites from orbit once they reach the end of their operational service is about to start building and testing its prototype spacecraft. British-based in-orbit servicing company Astroscale—working in…