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Hope and heartbreak for New Zealanders dreaming of a communal life

“Welcome to the site of hope and heartbreak.”With these words Bronwen Newton greets visitors to a quarter-acre gravel carpark between two industrial buildings in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington. Still visible are the foundations of a sheet-metal workshop that once stood there; not visible is the cohousing project that Newton and 23 other families hoped to

Surviving Britain’s homelessness crisis – podcast

“It’s almost like I’d been prepared for it my entire life. I mean, it’d be more of a surprise if I hadn’t ended up homeless.” Journalist Daniel Lavelle tells Nosheen Iqbal about how he ended up pitching a tent at the side of a bridle path in 2013. He was 26 and had been living

Fuel-poor homes face taking £250 energy hit due to poor insulation

People in “fuel-poor” households in England are facing annual bills about £250 higher than need be because of their poorly insulated homes, according to Local Government Association (LGA) research.The LGA has identified about 3 million households where better insulation would save large sums for people struggling with the rising cost of living. About £770m is

California to vote on adding abortion rights protection to state constitution

California voters will decide in November whether to guarantee the right to an abortion in their state constitution, a question sure to boost turnout on both sides of the debate during a pivotal midterm election year as Democrats try to keep control of Congress after the US supreme court overturned Roe v Wade.The court’s ruling

FDA ban on Juul e-cigarettes temporarily halted

Juul can continue to sell its electronic cigarettes, at least for now, after a federal appeals court on Friday temporarily blocked a government ban.Juul filed an emergency motion earlier Friday, seeking the temporary hold while it appeals the sales ban.The e-cigarette maker had asked the court to pause what it called an “extraordinary and unlawful

Poor households paying up to £541 more a year for goods and services

Low-income families in the UK’s poorest neighbourhoods are paying up to £541 a year more than affluent households to access the same basic services such as energy and insurance, and buy essential items such as TVs and fridges, a study claims.The Fair by Design charity has called for the government and regulators to outlaw practices

Revealed: Migrant care workers in Britain charged thousands in illegal recruitment fees

Care workers recruited from overseas to look after elderly and disabled people in Britain are being charged thousands of pounds in illegal fees and forced to work in exploitative conditions to pay off their debts.An Observer investigation has uncovered a network of agencies supplying workers to care homes and homecare agencies that charge recruitment fees…

Doctors warn against over-medicalising menopause after UK criticism

Doctors have hit back at critics saying they are failing menopausal women, and said that treating menopause as a hormone deficiency that requires medical treatment could fuel negative expectations and make matters worse.Writing in the British Medical Journal they said there was an urgent need for a more realistic and balanced narrative which actively challenges…

Food plan for England condemned by its own lead adviser

The government’s lead adviser on food issues has condemned what ministers have billed as a landmark national plan to combat food poverty and obesity, saying it is “not a strategy” and warning it could mean more children will go hungry.Henry Dimbleby’s verdict is further bad news for Boris Johnson as the white paper is a…