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Meta shares dip is proof metaverse plan never really had legs

After shares in Facebook’s parent, Meta, slumped by as much as 25% in the wake of abysmal quarterly results, critics intensified their calls for its chief executive to abandon his astronomically expensive pivot to the “metaverse” – a 3D virtual world intended to replace much of real-world socialising.“The cost of Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse ambition is

Fears of layoffs as Facebook parent Meta reportedly announces hiring freeze

Meta employees have been warned of potential layoffs after the Facebook parent company announced on Thursday it would freeze hiring and “further restructure”, Bloomberg News has reported. In company communication with employees, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg cited the uncertain macroeconomic environment for the changes. The announcement comes after several tech companies have been forced to

TechScape: The unbearable sadness of Mark Zuckerberg

Would you rather be banned for life from Tesco or Apple? Or, to go further: would you find it easier to cope with losing access to all major supermarkets, or Google alone? The answer will depend on your particular circumstances, but there’s no denying that losing access to a major technology company can be catastrophic.

Grow 0-10k Instagram Followers In the next 3-6 months

Release Date: 08/15/2022 Alex Spasic, CEO at AlexxMarketing (061) 315-7403 [email protected] Grow 0-10k Instagram Followers In the next 3-6 months The only E-book you will ever need to grow an audience on Instagram and get a consistent flow of clients for your business 08/14/2022 – Have you ever wanted to grow a HUGE audience on Instagram? You’re probably looking to gain Instagram followers! This was also my dream. This time last year, I was just an ordinary college guy: Going

‘Stop trying to be TikTok’: how video-centric Instagram sparked a revolt

If you’re going to change a social media platform synonymous with celebrity culture, make sure the Kardashian-Jenners are onboard first.Instagram was forced into a partial retreat last week as influencer royalty joined a user rebellion against the app, driven by complaints that it had become too video-centric and was pushing content from accounts that people

Facebook and Instagram removing posts with mentions of abortion pills

Join our live discussion on Wednesday, 6 July, 1pm-2pm ET.Facebook and Instagram have begun removing posts related to abortion pills, as posts about such medication spiked following the supreme court’s ruling stripping away constitutional protections for abortions.Memes and status updates explaining how people can obtain abortion pills in the mail have exploded across social platforms

How TikTok is turning a generation of video addicts into a data goldmine

Question: what do men and Excel have in common? Answer: they’re always automatically turning things into dates when they’re not. To younger people – that is, anyone under the age of 20 – Microsoft’s spreadsheet program, a tool as essential to accountants as saws are to carpenters, is the contemporary equivalent of mom jeans, handwritten

‘Want to review this?’: Twitter’s niceness prompts do alter behaviour, study finds

Asking people to be nice on Twitter makes people nicer on Twitter, the company has announced, hailing the success of an experiment that prompts users to reconsider tweets that might be hurtful or offensive.Since 2020, the social network has tried to encourage users to be more considerate of others, by algorithmically spotting posts that appear

Planned EU rules to protect children online are attack on privacy, warn critics

Critics have accused the European Commission of seeking to end encrypted communications after the EU’s executive body unveiled strict regulations for messaging apps intended to fight the spread of child sexual abuse imagery.Under the proposed regulations, messaging services and web hosts would be required to search for, and report, child abuse material – even in…