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Users can now shop directly on TikTok thanks to its partnership with Shopify

TikTok unveils a new in-app shopping feature in its latest partnership with Shopify. TikTok users can now purchase items from sellers directly from videos and retailer profiles. Since the pandemic, e-commerce has increased, creating ways for social platforms to get involved. Loading Something is loading. TikTok users can now shop directly in the app.The new…

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Disney is the latest company to launch mini-shops inside other retailers (DIS, TGT)

Target announced Monday that it will add small Disney stores to more than 160 locations.  Ulta Beauty and Apple have also entered Target in this mini-store surge.  Following bankruptcy in 2017, Toys ‘R’ Us products will now be sold at Macy’s online and in stores. See more stories on Insider’s business page. Loading Something is…

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In leaked internal messages, Stitch Fix stylists say corporate is ‘gaslighting’ them and ignoring pleas for help on new policies and schedules

Dozens of Stitch Fix stylists have posted angry comments on the company’s internal forum.  They say the company has botched its rollout of policy changes and left stylists in the dark. Stitch Fix announced the changes on August 2, but stylists were expecting an update this week. Stitch Fix stylists frustrated with the company’s communication…

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