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Join us on 9/14: How to Reconnect Communities

Join us on 9/14: How to Reconnect Communities On Wednesday, September 14 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern join us to learn how to maximize the impact of the new Reconnecting Communities Program. Divisive infrastructure projects, like highways and overpasses built through neighborhoods, continue to restrict travel in cities across the country, creating congestion, hindering development, restricting

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TechScape: The unbearable sadness of Mark Zuckerberg

Would you rather be banned for life from Tesco or Apple? Or, to go further: would you find it easier to cope with losing access to all major supermarkets, or Google alone? The answer will depend on your particular circumstances, but there’s no denying that losing access to a major technology company can be catastrophic.

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FAA Awards $231,000 in Grants to Expand Outreach to Under-Represented Students in STEM

Site Notification Site Notification Monday, August 29, 2022 WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awarded $231,000 in grants to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) outreach.   “If kids can dream it, they can do it. It’s up to us to light the path for them,” said FAA Deputy

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First 3D Metaverse RPG Built for Mobile, D.O.119

Metaverse technology has been gradually built up over the past two years and shows no signs of stopping, with the movement toward a more Metaverse-centric online environment projected to be worth a market size over US$1,607 billion by 2030. While there still are not any hard and fast rules as to what the Metaverse entails

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Your Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Segmentation

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, and it remains highly successful for many businesses. However, you must be careful when mass sending emails, as you don’t want email service providers to think of your emails as spam. The secret to successful email marketing is sending the right emails to the

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One Work: Beatriz Cortez’s “Ilopango, Stela A”

Evoking meteorites, igneous rocks, and Mayan artifacts, Beatriz Cortez’s stained, weathered metal sculptures on view at Commonwealth & Council in Los Angeles forge historic and thematic ties between the circulation of geological matter and the movement of people across Earth’s surface. One particularly powerful piece, Ilopango, Stela A (2022), more specifically considers how natural disasters

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An Attack on Albanian Government Suggests New Iranian Aggression

In mid-July, a cyberattack on the Albanian government knocked out state websites and public services for hours. With Russia’s war raging in Ukraine, the Kremlin might seem like the likeliest suspect. But research published on Thursday by the threat intelligence firm Mandiant attributes the attack to Iran. And while Tehran’s espionage operations and digital meddling

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Parents of Boy Who Fatally Shot Sister Charged With Neglect

Police tape in a stock photo. (Carl Ballou/Shutterstock) MUNCIE, Ind.—The mother and father of a 6-year-old eastern Indiana boy who fatally shot his 5-year-old sister in their home were each charged Tuesday with four counts of neglect, a prosecutor said. If convicted of the most serious charge—level one felony neglect of a dependent resulting in

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San Diego Padres Win MLB’s Trade Deadline

Juan Soto brings his lethal left-handed swing to San Diego for the next three pennant drives. (AP … [+] Photo/Alex Brandon) Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. With the baseball playoffs expanded to six teams per league, the action was fast and furious up to the minute the trade deadline hit at 6

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The chemical imbalance theory of depression is dead – but that doesn’t mean antidepressants don’t work | Christopher Davey

The chemical imbalance theory of depression is well and truly dead. A paper by Joanna Moncrieff and colleagues, longtime critics of the effectiveness of antidepressants, has caused a splash. The paper provides a summary of other summaries that confirm there is no evidence to support the idea that depression is caused by disturbance of the

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Critically Acclaimed Podcast “Love and Radio” Joins Gumball

Gumball, the premier marketplace for advertisers to buy host-read ads directly from podcasters, announced that the award-winning podcast Love and Radio has joined its platform and is now available for ad sales. Additionally, Love and Radio has removed its paywall and seasons 8 and 9 will now be publicly available for all listeners. Episodes will

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How slow and steady lionfish win the race against fast prey

Lionfish certainly aren’t the fastest predators on the reef, but new research suggests that they can catch swift prey through pure tenacity, gliding slowly in pursuit until the perfect moment to strike. The finding may help explain part of the lionfish’s impact as an invasive species, and reveal a key hunting strategy that other relatively

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