ProtoReality Games Introduces Derivative Outstation 119


Mobile Metaverse Play and Earn video game inbound

Thank you for joining us. We more than happy to have you here. We believe your video game is extremely amazing and we have lots of concerns, so let’s simply leap right in, yeah?

Q Tell us about ProtoReality video games, what is the primary focus and what are your objectives for the business in the future?

A. Thanks for your interest in ProtoReality! We are basically a video game studio where we concentrate on the future states of mobile video gaming, home entertainment and interaction, and use a Web3 worth proposal on the Solana blockchain where our users own their invested money and time playing our video games. Our core focus is on exceptional gameplay and story so that user engagement and retention is guaranteed.


Q. You have an inbound video game, can you elaborate more on this job for us?

A. The very first title from ProtoReality Games is Derivative Outstation119 It is the world’s very first mobile immersive metaverse play & make video game on the Solana blockchain. Embed in the dystopian future, it is an open-world sci-fi action video game with an abundant story. The video game has a range of action-focused gameplay, enabling gamers to browse through a futuristic world loaded with interaction (both Player versus Player (PvP) and Player versus Environment (PvE).


  • Futuristic immersive Gameplay
  • Hollywood Script Style
  • In-house Original Music
  • Several Gaming Options
  • Tokens & Staking
  • NFT Marketplace

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Q What are the tokenomics of any of the video games and how does this platform compare to state something like Axie Infinity or MetaOps?

A. Token profits inside the video game depend on the development of the story and the missions. The missions revenues are a mix of ability and luck– single gamer, multiplayer in groups and gamer v gamer

We are play-and-earn– not needing financial investment in anything to play– which is various to others like play-to-earn.

Lastly, we are not a closed economy. We understand there should be numerous external income lines to make it possible for a holistic profits method to permit interaction for gamers visual and financial benefits.

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Q. You have a PRGC token, please discuss how this token works and how users can make.

A. Token Generation Event (TGE) occurred on 26 February. $PRGC begun trading on Raydium and now we’re likewise on MEXC. $PRGC is a crucial to our in-game economy for gameplay, purchasing, selling and costs within D.O. 119 and all our upcoming video games.

Q. You have actually simply signed Hsieh Yuen to your task. Please elaborate on this cooperation and how you think the collaboration can press your tasks forward.

A. Yuen Hsieh is our Creative Art Director. Yuen is a filmmaker/ visual artist and a giant in his market. In among the sound of the world, YUEN brings the visual artistry proficiency to ProtoReality Games and to perform119 His video work has actually won many worldwide awards and they have actually been displayed at ICA, British Film Institute, SHOWstudio and London Design Biennale, among others locations. His remarkable imaginative proficiency will make our video games look cool and sound cool.

Original NFT Art By Yuen Hsieh [saved on Arweave]

Q. Congratulations on your 2 effective financing rounds, what are the prepare for the funds, how will the funds be utilized to advance your efforts?

A. All of the funds raised are utilized to seed the advancement of our very first item. We will be utilizing all readily available resources to release our video game.

Q. Derivative Outstation 119 is your flagship video game, can you inform us about the video game? What were the video games that motivated it? What is the design of gameplay? What can gamers anticipate?

A. D.O.119 is an open world sci-fi action video game, with an abundant story and a range of action-focused gameplays, where gamers can immerse themselves into a futuristic world of the year2131 Players will have a taste of what it would resemble to live as a wanderer in a post-thematic world. While the video game offers an abundant plot through a properly designed mission system, gamers will not experience a direct gameplay given that a great deal of PvP actions are included together with PvE. Players likewise have the chance to produce and construct numerous products within the video game, and after that offer them on the market.

The primary components of gameplay we will integrate are:

  • Role Playing Game (RPG)
  • Adventure
  • Trading
  • Light battle
  • Strategy
  • Racing

The essential elements of engagement for D.O. 119 (and our future video game titles) will concentrate on immersion. As pointed out, story is crucial, as is art and soundscapes which are all initial and industrialized in-house. Meta Multi-Portal is where all gameplay activities happen. D.O. 119 allows a parallel metaverse where the combination of journey, home entertainment, commerce, and interaction take precedence. In a world where your characters’ development fuels your enthusiasm for the brand-new and fascinating, gamers come together to open the story of a dystopian cityscape future.



Q. DO119 or Derivative Outstation 119 was launched for alpha in April fix? How was the reception, what did the numbers appear like? Existed a great deal of gamers?

A. The alpha release was a closed alpha to essential financiers and experts just. The feedback on the alpha item was very favorable– offered the extremely brief timeline to that time point. Given that the alpha we have actually pressed very difficult to increase the ability of the item advancement and item function set.

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