Nineteen Group acquires Drives & Controls Show

Posted on 29 Sep 2022 by The Manufacturer The award winning Nineteen Group today announces that it has acquired the Drives and Controls Show and its co-located manufacturing events (Plant and Asset Management, Fluid Power systems and Airtech) www.drives-expo.comDrives and Controls has been the voice of the industry since 1991 when it launched at The

Hope and heartbreak for New Zealanders dreaming of a communal life

“Welcome to the site of hope and heartbreak.”With these words Bronwen Newton greets visitors to a quarter-acre gravel carpark between two industrial buildings in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington. Still visible are the foundations of a sheet-metal workshop that once stood there; not visible is the cohousing project that Newton and 23 other families hoped to

Mr.C-Branded Residences Come To The Dubai Waterfront

Situated on the waterfront, the structure takes in views of the city, sea and canal. Driven Properties Spring boarding off the success of the first Mr.C-branded residences built next to the family’s flagship hotel in Beverly Hills, California, moguls Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani have expanded their sights (and their sites) to include such locales as

Triller secures $310 million investment ahead of planned Q4 IPO

Much of the global economy is in disarray and major entertainment industries are having a tough time of things: Witness the US movie Box Office, where monthly September revenue is set to fall to its lowest point in 25 years (outside the pandemic).In the music industry, however, the big money keeps on moving.Earlier this week

12 Traits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs + 10 Questions To Ask Yourself

So, you want to be an entrepreneur. But, before you take the plunge, it’s essential to understand what goes into being a successful entrepreneur. So, here are twelve traits that all highly successful entrepreneurs share. 12 Traits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Curiosity – One of the essential traits of a successful entrepreneur is curiosity. A curious mind is constantly asking questions and seeking out new information. This trait is crucial to innovation—after all, how can you innovate if you’re not continually

Lockheed Martin, Verizon Demonstrate Real-Time Drone ISR Over 5G Networks

Strategic partners Lockheed Martin and Verizon this year have demonstrated the capture and seamless, secure transmission and processing of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) data in real-time over private and public next-generation wireless networks, showcasing Lockheed Martin’s efforts to develop 5G.MIL capabilities for the digital all-domain battlespace. The demonstrations in May and September have involved the use of

Lawsuit: Wisconsin Elections Commission Let Electors Change Votes After Submitting Ballots

Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE) filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) last week over its unlawful guidance allowing absentee voters to change their votes after their ballots are cast. In an Aug. 1, 2022, memorandum sent to all Wisconsin municipal clerks, WEC instructed that after a voter submits an absentee ballot, he

50 years ago, scientists dug into Pangaea’s past lives

Before Pangaea — What? — Science News, September 30, 1972 The continents as we know them resulted when the proto­continent Pangaea broke apart and its fragments made the long slow journey to their present positions. The process took about 200 m­illion years. But the Earth’s crust is an estimated 4.5 billion years old.… [Scientists are exploring]

Philippine FA-50PH Jets Undergoing Mandatory Precautionary Maintenance

A Philippine Air Force FA-50PH during the US-Philippine Exercise Balikatan earlier this year. (Photo: Philippine Air Force) Only three out of twelve aircraft might be currently operational after delays in the supply chain of spare parts. The Philippine Air Force confirmed that some of its FA-50PH jets are currently non-operational and are undergoing scheduled mandatory