PlayMining Joins GameFi Rally with Over 60% DEP Token Rebound Following Announcement of B2B…

The last couple of weeks have seen GameFi tokens rally hard across the board.

One of the tokens leading the charge is DEAPcoin ($DEP) by PlayMining, which skyrocketed as high as 61% in the last 2 weeks. The DEP token price rebound is 38.48% higher than where it was about two weeks ago on October 27. This is a notably stronger performance than the price gains during the same period of major token contenders in the GameFi space, Axie Infinity and The Sandbox, whose tokens have had 21.02% and 18.68% price gains respectively over the past 2 weeks.

PlayMining’s strong market performance came after an official announcement that the company would be adopting a new B2B business model. Dubbed #GamifyingWork, the new initiative is seeing PlayMining partner with large corporations to help solve real world problems in society such as labor shortages. Kozo Yamada, co-founder and co-CEO of PlayMining operating company Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), explained that they are helping companies crowdsource labor by breaking jobs down into small tasks that can be integrated with PlayMining games. Players are offered incentives to engage with the games, thus allowing the companies to offload some labor to regular people.

DEA’s high-level partnerships are all with companies that don’t traditionally operate in the Web3 space. In this way, DEA is able to operate as a General-Purpose Web3 ‘middleware’ platform that connects physical companies to digital communities in order to solve real-world problems. Some examples of the industries DEA is already partnering with include: energy infrastructure, waste management, disaster prevention, CO2 reduction, inheritance, local revitalization, elderly quality-of-life, animal welfare, and employment for people with disabilities.

Two pilot projects are underway. The first project — due to launch in spring 2024 in limited regions in Japan — is an ambitious game developed in partnership with TEPCO Power Grid, the fourth-largest electric utility company in the world and the biggest in all of Japan. The game, somewhat reminiscent of Pokemon Go, will send teams of players out into their communities to take pictures of electric power poles. Teams who connect the most poles in a line will win DEP tokens as a prize. The game will help TEPCO fill a utility inspector labor shortage while also sufficiently maintaining aging electric infrastructure.

The second project already in development will help fill a labor shortage in the waste management industry, which traditionally has a hard time attracting workers due to a stigma of the profession being dangerous, strenuous and dirty. PlayMining partnered with Rita Technology, a company that specializes in digital transformation of the waste management industry through robotics. The two companies are co-developing a PlayMining game in which players can remotely control waste-sorting robots installed in actual waste processing plants facilities in Japan.

By gamifying work, PlayMining is able to help address the global labor shortage crisis, which is a serious social problem around the world. According to 2023 research by Manpower Group, almost four in five companies globally suffer from a lack of talent. Labor shortages especially tend to affect heavy industries, including: utilities, consumer goods manufacturing, transport, industrials/materials, logistics, automotives and communication services.

DEA has operated in the GameFi industry since 2018. They have eight Play-and-Earn games on the PlayMining GameFi platform, along with a metaverse project and a streaming video app. The games are all integrated with DEAPcoin and two NFT marketplaces hosted on the platform.

For more information about PlayMining, visit their website and follow on social media. DEA welcomes companies from any industry to contact them to explore ‘gamifying work’ opportunities on PlayMining by signing up on the following form:


PlayMining Joins GameFi Rally with Over 60% DEP Token Rebound Following Announcement of B2B…

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