PLAYMINING Aims to be the Nintendo of Web3, Focusing on Creators and Communities

PlayMining is an NFT entertainment platform run by Singapore-based Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA). On PlayMining, gamers can enjoy Play & Earn NFT games, buy collectable NFTs on their marketplace and, soon, check out premium Metaverse content. We learn more about PlayMining in this exclusive interview:

1. How do PlayMining games compare to other Web3 NFT games?

At first glance, our games are packed with high quality animated characters. Gameplay-wise, we have a variety of casual games that are catered to both working adults and students.

Working adults are busy so casual games are more suited for them. Some students are not into grinding so casual games pique their interest.

2. Tell us about the PlayMining entertainment platform. What makes it different from other Web3 gaming companies?

PlayMining does not only host our own games, but also helps third-party companies build out their IPs in three different ways:

  • Co-development of NFT games with PlayMining to release games in the PlayMining ecosystem.
  • Third-party IP collaboration on NFT games.
  • Management of ‘PlayMining Verse’ development (a new Metaverse initiative in development, with only one case study thus far).

We have an NFT marketplace that helps us facilitate the NFT transactions of the above three IP development mediums. We also collaborate on NFTs with two types of IPs:

  • First-party IPs where we collaborate directly with famous creators to create original art.
  • Third-party IPs where we pay for IP right usage to the owners / publishers of the IP.

For example, we collaborated directly with the creator of the Dragon Quest Anime series Fujiwara Kamui to create original first-party IP NFTs. We do a revenue share model for this IP.

3. Please explain about PlayMining’s DEAPcoin token. What utility does DEAPcoin have, and how can users get it?

As of now, DEAPcoin utilizes a single-token model within our infrastructure. This helps minimize “pump and dump” since all our games use DEAPcoin.

The current main utility for DEAPcoin is for purchasing the NFTs in our ecosystem and also to earn DEAPcoin through gameplay. In addition, users can purchase their DEAPcoins from listed exchanges on coinmarketcap.

4. PlayMining has the only legally approved P2E token in Japan. How has this affected your business?

The concept of play and earn is still very new. We believe that even though being the only legally approved P2E token gives us an early-mover’s advantage, the market would benefit from more GameFi projects to come into the space. Education is key for wider adoption and the more projects and competition we have, the more players have an opportunity to learn about and fully experience the benefits of Web3.

5. What are your goals for PlayMining in the future?

Our primary aim has always been to promote social good through PlayMining. We are dedicated to giving back to our creators via NFT royalties, and we’re looking to expand across multiple regions. We also strive to help communities in need by providing opportunities through Play & Earn and/or investor matching.

Our big picture goal is to see PlayMining become the Nintendo of Web3. To accomplish this, we will implement Web3 innovations to enable the highest quality games and NFTs on our entertainment platform.

6. Tell us about the PlayMining team. What experience does the C-Suite bring to make the company successful?

DEA Co-founder and Co-CEO Naohito “Goro” Yoshida is a serial entrepreneur who has IPO’d three companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. He is in charge of DEA’s overall operations, but places his emphasis on constructing innovative plans and developing ingenious games. With a desire to bring happiness to game players around the world and a conviction in the transformative power of blockchain technology, he is striving to create social game platforms where players not only use money, but are able to transform that money into assets as well. He brings to his work a passion for games, manga and anime, as well as the resilience and perseverance he developed through overcoming cancer and bankruptcy. A serial entrepreneur, Yoshida established three listed companies before founding DEA in 2018. He also serves as chairman of Eole, Inc., a company listed on the TSE Mothers market.

DEA Co-founder and Co-CEO Kozo Yamada previously worked at TV Tokyo for more than 15 years as a music and variety show television producer, and is a key opinion leader in the Japanese NFT space. At DEA, he is responsible for strategy construction, content business and media business management, as well as content development and NFT planning for the PlayMining platform. He operates the “NFTv” YouTube channel and “NFT navi” web media to educate people about the potential and usefulness of NFTs. Kozo is also the inventor of NFT Awards. He studied at the University of Tokyo in the Faculty of Law.

DEA’s CSO and Head of Global Business, Tatsuya “Tats” Kohrogi, has an extensive background in sales, marketing, business development and start-up management. Prior to joining the company, he was a senior partner manager at Meta managing business partnerships for the Japan market based in the Singapore APAC HQ. Prior to Meta, Tats worked with Softbank in Tokyo. He held several leadership roles in sales, digital marketing, investment strategy, portfolio management and new business development. During his time at SoftBank, Tats also co-founded an internal ad-tech service that received funding from SoftBank’s internal venture program. Tats was also part of Son Masayoshi’s successor program SoftBank Academia. He took part in CEO projects and learned management philosophy directly from Masa for three years.

DEA’s CFO, Ryohei Nuka, was a senior controller in the Finance department of Goldman Sachs Japan. During his 13 years at Goldman Sachs, he was responsible for risk management and accounting covering various businesses including investment banking, asset management and trading. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, he was an equity derivatives product controller at Dresdner Kleinwort. He began his career as a consultant at Nippon Steel Solutions, working on systems development projects for Asian financial institutions.

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PLAYMINING Aims to be the Nintendo of Web3, Focusing on Creators and Communities

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