Newark, NJ, March 16, 2020 — As the newly launched bag waste reduction law rolls out in New York, National Retail Solutions (NRS), the leader in POS systems for independent convenience stores and New York bodegas, wants to make sure that the store owners are prepared. Therefore, NRS has begun giving out free reusable bags to businesses in the New York area. This is being done to help the bodegas affiliated with NRS to familiarize themselves with the new law that banned the use of plastic carryout bags being distributed. It will take some time for retailers – and their customers – to get used to the new guidelines, and the NRS team wants to be sure that all affiliated stores are complying with the new law. With our NRS POS system, store owners are able to organize and grow their business while maintaining compliance with these intricate state and local laws.

The NRS POS is uniquely tailored with robust hardware and powerful software for independent convenience, grocery, liquor and tobacco stores. The system offers many amazing features that any store owner can use to bring in more sales and customers. This includes the seamless integration with Boss Revolution and the BR Club, which allows you to sell Boss Revolution products, as well as create your own loyalty program and reward loyal customers. Along with that, the NRS POS also offers premium features, which depending on the business you run, some of these premium features can be very beneficial. And, with NRS Pay being able to seamlessly integrate to the NRS POS system, store owners can have a cheap and reliable credit card processor together with their POS system.

Within its sustained commitment to help its customers survive and thrive, National Retail Solutions keeps its POS technology up to date and strives to help merchants keep up with ever-changing regulations. This includes the New York State Bag Reduction Waste Law. In addition to giving out reusable bags, National Retail Solutions is also helping store owners ‘go green’, by providing the technology that makes it easy. The POS system is calibrated for store owners to be easily able to charge and track the 5¢ bag fee, if they choose to charge for the use of paper bags. NRS will also be offering the reusable bags as a selling option for store owners to then sell themselves to customers. With these two options, store owners in New York can adapt themselves more easily into the newly lawed state.

The competitive business world can be difficult to overcome as a small business when in the same landscape as big store chains and online retailers. With limited budgets compared to the big-box stores, small and mid-sized independent retailers can benefit greatly from a high-tech point of sale system that facilitates their growth. The NRS POS with its intuitive interface, is an effective, affordable solution for this niche.

Media Contact:
Elie Y. Katz
Founder & CEO / National Retail Solutions (NRS)

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