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Live Nation scraps artist merch fees at its US club venues as part of new ‘On the Road Again’ program

The practice of music venues taking a cut of merch profits at live shows has been a matter of contention amongst touring acts for a long time.Now, concert giant Live Nation [484 articles]” href=””>Live Nation has announced that its US clubs will stop taking a percentage of artists’ merch stand sales, “so artists keep 100%

From Universal Music and YouTube’s AI partnership to BMI’s equity sale… it’s MBW’s Weekly Round-up

Welcome to  Music Business Worldwide [292 articles]” href=””>Music Business Worldwide’s weekly round-up – where we make sure you caught the five biggest stories to hit our headlines over the past seven days. MBW’s round-up is supported by Centtrip, which helps over 500 of the world’s best-selling artists maximise their income and reduce their touring costs.Some more of ’em

Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners sells 50% stake in music library to $200m-backed Multimedia Music

There’s a lot of buzz around classic movie scores right now – as rumors swirl that Warner Records [380 articles]” href=””>Warner Bros Discovery is close to agreeing a $500m-ish deal to sell around 50% of its treasured music catalog. Sony [1,773 articles]” href=””>Sony is reported to be the front-runner to buy.But that’s not the only

YouTube ad revenue dropped 2.5% YoY in Q1, but paid subscription sales increased 9%

The global digital advertising slowdown that took hold in 2022 continued to be a drag on YouTube [1,502 articles]” href=””>YouTube’s ad revenue in Q1 2023 (ended March 31).However, YouTube parent company Alphabet saw significant growth in subscribers in the period – including for its music streaming service, YouTube Music [202 articles]” href=””>YouTube Music.In its latest

Trouble in Utopia? As firm offloads Sentric to Believe, tax debt looms and employees go unpaid in Sweden

Is trouble brewing at Utopia?Today (March 30), MBW broke the news that the company had sold music publishing platform Sentric Music Group [67 articles]” href=””>Sentric to Believe [286 articles]” href=””>Believe – just one year after Sentric was itself acquired by Utopia.The sale of Sentric marks the second time this year that Utopia has offloaded a

Copyright Royalty Board officially accepts new rates that will see songwriters paid more in the US over the next 5 years

It’s official: The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) has accepted a (near) music industry-wide settlement that will improve songwriters’ streaming royalty rates in the United States from January 1, 2023.The settlement – known as ‘Phonorecords IV’ or ‘CRB IV’ – will see songwriters and music publishers paid a headline rate of 15.35% of a given interactive

Singing Sensation, Cyrilia Lopez to Sing Her Stunning Rendition of The National Anthem at Dodger Game on September 21, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Juliette Harris, PR at SwaggMedia (818) 321-2317 [email protected] Singing Sensation, Cyrilia to Sing Her Stunning Rendition of The National Anthem at Dodger Game on September 21, 2022 Cyrilia Prepares To Release More Singles After Success with George Floyd Foundation 09/20/2022 – Break-out songstress Cyrilia Lopez hails from Trinidad and Tobago and recently burst on America’s music scene, signed with SwaggMedia and Craig Nobles. While meeting and working with top producers, labels, and A&R’s, Cyrilia was asked to participate

How Md Jihad Hasan Growing The Music Industry

Md Jihad Hasan Emerging as a multi-talented superstar, Md Jihad Hasan is seeing a lot of love as his career continues to progress. He focuses every day on making his music better and improving the content that he provides for his fans. Fatcat knows that without them, he would not be where he is today, so for that, he is eternally grateful. Md Jihad Hasan has every intention of staying true to himself and being the artist whose fans have