ICC Camp Successfully Launched Amidst Hong Kong Web3.0

Hong Kong, December 22, 2023 — ICC (Imagine Creation Combinator), the innovative enterprise focused on the forefront of Web3 gaming, successfully hosted the ICC Camp opening ceremony and a special event on Web3 gaming during the Hong Kong Web3.0 Entrepreneurs Conference and the Web3.0 Security Technology Summit. This was a part of the Hong Kong Web3.0 Tech Week which took place at the Hong Kong Cyberport on December 20–21.

At 10:00 am on December 21st, ICC held the ICC Camp opening ceremony at the Hong Kong Web3.0 Security Summit & Web 3.0 Annual Ceremony, officially launching the acceleration program. ICC Camp actively capitalizes on the policy support of the Hong Kong government, fully leveraging Hong Kong’s geographical advantages, market opportunities, well-established legal and regulatory framework, as well as favorable policies for talent and support. The aim is to expand ICC Camp’s influence in the future, attracting more aspiring startup teams to enter the Web3 gaming industry, creating a blueprint for the future. Jointly witnessed by the Hong Kong government and on-site professionals from the Web3 industry, the opening ceremony of ICC Camp was successfully launched. With a vision to develop the future of the Web3 gaming landscape, ICC Camp strives to support the emerging forces in this field as they set sail on this journey of innovation.

In attendance at the opening ceremony were the following luminaries: Kevin Shao, Advisor of ICC, Executive President of ABGA, Partner of Web3Labs, and Founder of Bitrise Capital; Johnny Ng Kit-chong, Member of CPPCC National Committee Member and Member of Hong Kong Legislative Council; Jack Kong, Founder of Nano Labs and Director of Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited.; Caspar Wong Chun-lon, Co-Founder and CEO of Web3Labs; Jademont Zheng, Founder of Waterdrip Capital and Co-Initiator of Satoshi Lab; and Kevin Ren, Asian Partner at Japan’s CGV Fund and Founder of AIFocus Accelerator.

During the Hong Kong Web3.0 Entrepreneurs Conference, organized by Web3Labs, ABGA, Satoshi Lab, ICC Camp, AIFocus, and co-hosted by Techub News, iPollo, and MetaEra, Kevin Shao, Advisor of ICC, Executive President of ABGA, Partner of Web3Labs, and Founder of Bitrise Capital, delivered a keynote speech. His speech, titled ‘Opening a New Chapter in Web3 Gaming’, delved into the current state and prospects of the Web3 gaming industry. He emphasized that blockchain games will witness widespread adoption and blockchain technology will also be naturally integrated into the entire gaming industry in the future, delivering the true ownership of virtual assets to the individual.

Additionally, in the roundtable panel themed ‘Exploring the Future of Web3 Gaming: Innovation in Digital Assets and Economic Models’, Simon Li, the Executive Vice President of ABGA and the Founder of Chain Capital, joined forces with professionals from renowned organizations dedicated to the Web3 gaming industry to explore the diverse economic future of Web3 gaming from the perspective of economic models. They delved into various topics, including current trends in Web3 gaming development, the role of Web3 gaming digital assets in game development, the potential integration of Web3 gaming with the inscription market, and innovations in the economic models of the Web3 gaming market in 2024.

About ICC Camp

ICC Camp is committed to exploring and promoting the development of the Web3 gaming industry and has received strategic support from ABGA (Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance) and Web3Labs. The mission of ICC Camp is to nurture and support outstanding entrepreneurs in the future Web3 gaming industry, empowering more high-quality Web3 gaming projects and building a strong global Web3 gaming ecosystem.

ICC Camp S1 will officially take place in the spring of 2024, with expected enrollment of dozens of Web3 gaming startup projects in the first phase. All successfully registered startup teams will undergo a six-month entrepreneurial training program. This includes two-month systematic courses and diverse study opportunities covering topics such as market analysis, project planning, product optimization, financing and listing, community operation, marketing, etc., followed by a four-month observation and service period, offering services like investment and financing facilitation, project empowerment and value addition, resource rights negotiation, and student support.

ICC Camp passionately calls on Web3 gaming entrepreneurs and supporters worldwide who are passionate about the industry to write a new legend for the Web3 gaming industry, ushering in a wave of industry innovation together!

Official Channels

ICC Website: www.iccombinator.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/camp_icc


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ICC Camp Successfully Launched Amidst Hong Kong Web3.0

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