Zattera 24 M – An Idea By Renzo Piano And Olav Selvaag, With Design By Nauta


Nauta Design

The brand-new Zattera 24 m that is started with a concept from Renzo Piano and Olav Selvaag. Nauta Design and Francesco Rogantin provided shape to that concept, and Siemens Energy produced its propulsion system. Motivated by the imagine living life at sea in spiritual silence and consistency with the natural surroundings, Zattera, suggesting raft in Italian, is more a method for delighting in life at sea than a private yacht. Constructed from sustainable yet long lasting wood, its style is pared down and contemporary with tidy and simple hull lines. The boat is presently under building and construction at Castagnola Yacht in Lavagna, Italy.

The concept behind Zattera is following the noise of the sea, cruising gradually: the measurement of tranquility and peace at sea. The concept at first originated from Renzo Piano and Olav Selvaag, Nauta Design and Francesco Rogantin provided shape, and Siemens Energy developed its propulsion system. Pureness and simpleness are the words that best specify Zattera’s motivation. These are attained through a style that includes a raft-like low freeboard and broad beam.


Gianni Berengo Gardin


Fundamental elements of the task were increasing peacefulness to the optimum and minimizing sound pollution to a minimum. Zattera is reasonably light-weight with a displacement hull that can browse at approximately 12 knots with a 10,5- knot travelling speed. Siemens Energy’s hybrid propulsion system was basic in minimizing emissions, and mindful attention was devoted to removing vibration and sound contamination in the surrounding environment. Zattera has lithium-ion batteries and can browse in quiet mode under electrical power just.

The propulsion system and the craft’s hotel functions work on 2180 kW variable RPM diesel generators and a 95 kWh battery pack linked to a 700 Volt constant circulation system. The diesel generators were purpose-developed by Mase Generators for Siemens Energy with Volvo Penta D4-300 motors utilizing variable speed innovation with long-term magnet generators to decrease intake and emissions. Zattera has a standard shaft drive run by means of twin 135 kw long-term magnet motors that are straight linked to the shafts without inverters to increase the effectiveness of the system and additional lower noise and vibration produced by rotation.


Gianni Berengo Gardin


The generators are set up on a double anti-vibration pad, an uncommon step handled this vessel and one that highlights its contacting us to minimize sound pollution. The very same care and attention were devoted to soundproofing the generators’ cases and the whole engine space. Even the undersea exhaust system is going through comprehensive soundproofing screening. Photovoltaic panel will likewise be installed on Zattera to produce an absolutely no effect and no charge renewable resource source. These systems were deliberately created to permit Zattera substantial autonomy while browsing and throughout usage in hotel mode.

The Castagnola shipyard has actually built the hull, the deck and the superstructure in strong wood that has actually been treated with silica-infused epoxy resin for ideal adherence and marine-grade plywood. The uncommon hull shape required a keel beam and a counter keel in cold-molded iroko wood that get bigger towards the bow. Offered the specific kind of the bow, all of the wood planking because location is crafted utilizing 5 various layers laid cross-grain to each other. All frames remain in strong ash, while hull slabs remain in marine grade plywood. The deck remains in light-weight marine grade okoune’, while the interior structural bulkheads remain in wood lined with rubber and cork for insulation from vibration and noise.

The interior design sees the owners and 2 visitor cabins fore with the galley, team location and the engine space aft, while the styling is downplayed, tidy and easy while ceiling heights are generous throughout. The saloon in the lower deck is straight linked to the coachroof through in proportion stairs. Natural light floods in from a big skylight put at the center of the bar. The flooring is at the very same height as the waterline, so you feel as if you’re strolling on water while inside the boat!


Source: Zattera 24 M – An Idea By Renzo Piano And Olav Selvaag, With Design By Nauta

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