• Fidenza is the most versatile algorithm till date
  • There are around 999 Fidenza NFTs
  • The most important component of Fidenza are the shapes that are drawn over the flow field

Fidenza is the most adaptable generative calculation to date. Despite the fact that it isn’t excessively mind boggling, the center constructions of the calculation are exceptionally adaptable, considering sufficient assortment to create persistently astonishing outcomes.

The creator believes this to be one of the most fascinating ways of assessing the nature of a generative calculation, and surely one that is extraordinary to the medium. Finding some kind of harmony of unconventionality and quality is quite difficult for even the best craftsmen in this field. 

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This is the reason they are eager to the point that Fidenza is being displayed on Art Blocks, the main site in presence that impeccably suits generative workmanship and increases current standards for fostering these sorts of great generative craftsmanship calculations. 


The principle premise of Fidenza is a stream field calculation. I’ve been playing with this strategy starting around 2016, and I’ve utilized it in many works during that time. Stream fields permit me to deliver eccentric, natural bends.

These bends likewise have the pleasant stylish property of being non-covering. They will consistently run close by adjoining bends while never impacting. In the event that we strip away each of the upper layers in Fidenza 

The setup of the stream field itself is adaptable. It very well may be modified to have gentle choppiness or outrageous disturbance, to create short bends or long bends, or even to snap bends along sharp points rather than easily streaming. 

The following significant part of Fidenza are the shapes that are drawn over the stream field. Rather than flimsy bends, it utilizes thick, bended square shapes. Critically, the calculation checks to guarantee that the square shapes don’t impact and cover. 

The 34-year-old PC researcher turned tycoon NFT craftsman said that while it is “intriguing for individuals to have the option to investigate that calculation” his vision for “Fidenza” is presently finished with the covered number of 999 NFTs. 

Assortments OF SCALE 

There are seven unique “scales” that Fidenza can work on. These control the measures of the likely shapes. Most scales have a probabilistic blend of little, medium, and huge components. 

Those are: 

  • Little – Very Rare 
  • Medium – Rare 
  • Enormous – Second generally normal 
  • Enormous – The most widely recognized, with huge thick shapes 
  • King sized XL – Rare, immense shapes as it were 

Fidenza NFT can be bought on the optional market through OpenSea.

Source: What is Fidenza NFT?

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